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Good Dog, Bad Dog?

August 16, 2022
“My dog WANTS to be good!” “My dog KNOWS when they’re bad!” If I had a quarter for every time I heard phrases like these, I would be a very VERY wealthy dog trainer! We love our dogs. Because we do, we have this nagging tendency to make them into our own human likeness— including our very strong sense of right and wrong! Hey, if we know something is right or wrong, surely our dogs do too, right? What if I told you that dogs don’t have a moral compass? What if I told you that a spit spewing junkyard dog who bites anyone who dares approach isn’t, technically, a bad dog? And what if I told you that the soft-faced, happy-go-lucky golden retriever puppy who has nothing but kisses for everyone she meets isn’t, in reality, a “good” dog?