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Heather Lowey Coaching: Mindset, mentors, and momentum

April 26, 2024

Joining us today is Heather Lowey, a seasoned Life Coach, Writer, and Speaker whose journey from the sports industry to coaching and leadership has been nothing short of inspiring.

With nearly two decades of experience as a leader in sports, Heather has transitioned into guiding individuals toward their paths of fulfillment and success.

Today, Heather emphasizes the importance of mindset, especially for those contemplating significant transitions in their lives.

Whether it’s advancing within their current company, exploring new industries, or venturing into entrepreneurship, she stresses the power of adopting a mindset of choice—viewing challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.

Heather speaks from personal experience, having navigated her shift from the sports industry to coaching.

Despite thriving in her dream job for years, she felt a persistent pull towards something more. It wasn’t until she sought the guidance of a coach herself that she began to untangle her thoughts and gain clarity on her next steps.

With Heather’s expertise and compassionate guidance, individuals are empowered to embrace change, confront challenges, and ultimately shape their paths toward fulfillment and success.