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How to Get Your Dog to Stop Peeing Inside!

January 31, 2023

At the junction where human and canine cultures meet, misunderstandings and frustrations abound. My clients often contact me in desperation, bewildered, puzzled, even grieved, by an unwanted behavior in their dog that they just can’t seem to solve.

As a dog trainer, if I had to identify a single unwanted canine behavior that MOST exasperates human owners, it would be this one...peeing in the house. Frustrated owners considering resigning themselves to a life of stained carpet, short tempers, hypervigilance, and strategically-placed, rapidly-accessible floor cleaning spray (with accompanying rag).

So what’s going on? Your dog KNOWS how to pee (and poop) outside. Why do they opt to deposit their waste inside when there’s so many places to do so outside? Knowing WHY your dog pees (or even poops) inside your home is the key to adopting an effective strategy to address it.

It’s a podcast all about pee, today on the Canine Lowe-Down.