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Is the Office Space Dying with Aaron Collins

May 05, 2023
Aaron Collins is the Business Development Representative for OfficeWorks in Fishers, Indiana. OfficeWorks is Indy’s certified MillerKnoll dealer and covers the gamut of workplace environments, from workplace research, to interior construction, and of course, furniture and settings. He specializes in understanding workplace trends, community engagement, and leadership development. While he’s only been with the OfficeWorks team a short time, he spent the previous 10 years in retail leadership, including multi-box leadership. He’s passionate about creating equitable and inclusive workplaces, whether it’s by building empathetic teams or brainstorming intuitive environments. He’s an outgoing, out-of-the-box thinker, who’d rather be wrong and learn something than to assume he knows everything already. In his free time, Aaron is an active member of the Garfield Shakespeare Company in Indianapolis and plays Dungeons and Dragons with his fellow nerds.