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Kwanzaa celebration at The Amp 16 Tech

December 28, 2023

he Umoja Village Celebration took place Tuesday afternoon for the first day of Kwanzaa at The Amp 16 Tech. Kwanzaa is a cultural holiday that celebrates seven principles: Umoja — meaning unity in Swahili, Kujichagulia or self-determination, Ujima translated as “collective work and responsibility,” Ujamaa principle refers to uplifting your community economically, Nia means purpose, Kuumba meaning “creativity,” and Imani the final principle translates to “faith.”

The Indianapolis Kwanzaa Committee kicked off the celebration with the holiday’s first principle, Umoja.

The Kwanzaa committee has been doing these celebrations for over 50 years with hopes of bringing the community together through local vendors and celebrations. The committee also says the occasion is for anyone curious about Kwanzaa and wanting to learn more about it.