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Support for Medically Complex Warriors 

December 26, 2022

We have talked in the past about Structured Family Care, which provides live-in caregivers with the opportunity to be paid for the care of their adult loved ones. However, caregivers providing care for children with medically complex needs do not qualify for that program. In some states, there is legislation against paying parents for the care of their own children – under any circumstance. That leaves many families in a difficult situation. Fortunately, in Indiana services are available to qualifying families under the states A&D Waiver.  

Healing Hands Personal Service provides attendant care for children with the A&D waiver. The Medically Complex Warrior (MCW) program allows parents to be paid to assist their child. Joining us today is Lydia Webster, MCW Coordinator at Healing Hands to tell us more about this wonderful program. 

Healing Hands: | (765) 400-9701 

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