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The Best Time to Book Travel

November 25, 2020

Is this the best time ever to book your travel? Based on my experience, I will tell you why now is the time to make the most of these amazing deals and prices. Also, why and how you should negotiate your pricing for your accommodations. I will share some amazing people that are still traveling the world full-time. Plus, the 2021 book recommendations from several high achieving bookworms.  

Main Topic Covered:

Why Now is the Time to Discover the Best Deals on Travel Ever

 Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Book List for 2021 - https://passportjoy.com/2021books

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Isa and David - https://www.instagram.com/hoponthemap/ 

Jen and Shane - https://www.instagram.com/shanifer_july28_2017/

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