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The worst dog bite I ever got…and why

May 02, 2023

(WARNING: Today’s podcast content is, at times, graphic. Listener discretion is advised.)


When you’re a dog trainer, getting bit is a perpetual risk. And while there are certain precautions that can be taken to minimize said risk, canines are often unpredictable, and will go “off-script” at the most inconvenient moments imaginable. 


In today’s episode of The Canine Lowe-Down I’m going to tell you about one such “inconvenient moment” which occurred many years ago while I was working with a highly aggressive dog. The resulting injury I received is, to date, the most severe bite I have ever experienced in my 16 years of dog training. 


The story is, in the vernacular, a bit gnarly. But if you’re up to hear it, I’m down to tell it. 


So here we go...