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Understanding Menopause: A Comprehensive Conversation with Dr. Stephanie Moss, Part 2

May 10, 2024

We continue our conversation with Dr. Stephanie Moss, and guest co-host Denise Herd by demystifying menopause and perimenopause, starting with defining these terms, highlighting that menopause occurs when a woman has not had a menstrual cycle for 12 months and a day, while perimenopause is the period leading up to menopause, marked by hormonal changes and symptoms, lasting anywhere from a year to a decade. The conversation delves into personal stories, the impact of hormone changes, and the importance of community support. We also discuss the effects of structural racism and stress on the menopausal experiences of women of color, and the benefits of creating a supportive community through platforms like Menopause in Color. The discussion includes practical advice on managing menopause symptoms, advocating for oneself in healthcare settings, and the significance of therapy and self-care.