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Unsung Canine Heroes (with special guest, Patty Spitler)

September 13, 2022
What does it mean for a dog to save your life? We routinely hear heartwarming, soul stirring tales of brave dogs risking fur and fang to pull a child from a burning building, or help a drowning swimmer to shore. But in a world where heroic canines execute movie-worthy, life-saving exploits, some furry helpers go unnoticed as they quietly preserve their human family members from silent killers like depression, anxiety, and despair. Today on the podcast I am joined by my friend (and media mentor), Patty Spitler. Patty has Ménière’s disease, and when she was first diagnosed, her late, beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Louie, helped her cope with crippling depression. “He truly saved my life,” she often says. It is my great honor and privilege to have Patty with me today on the Canine Lowe-Down.