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Viewed with Skepticism

March 12, 2021

As world continues to change by becoming more post-Christian and adapting to a post-pandemic world, the church finds itself in a period where change is the new normal. For this season, we are looking at the book of Acts to remind ourselves how the early church followed God as God led the church into the future that was unfolding before them.

Acts 5:12-42 records yet another account of the disciples being arrested for preaching Jesus. Once again, when questioned about what they are doing, they preach the gospels. Over and over, the disciples respond to persecution by inviting their captors to experience salvation through Jesus. In this story, we meet Gamaliel—a pharisee who views the followers of Jesus with skepticism. In this sermon, we ask the question, “Do we ever, like Gamaliel, view the gospel with skepticism?”