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What Makes You Better Than Me Part 6: Drawing the Bigger Picture

November 19, 2021

Welcome back to the Circle Up Indy Podcast. I'm you host James Wilson.

Today we are at the end of our series: What Makes You Better Than Me: Part #6 Drawing the Bigger Pic. 

As we end this series the conversation is going to be deep and real. We fight for true evolution and growth within ourselves and the community. During the 2020 protest, companies, politicians, and funders promised a new development within our city and community. Yet we have seen little to no growth. We will no longer go for anything as we fight for something. It is important that we invest in ourselves and understand we are and have the power. We still continue to forget about our grassroots who are extremely important to the evolutionary development for our people. They are directly connected to the community. Hear the people, develop our people, invest in our people!!

Keep pushing, Listening, and Evolving our society with me,…. 

No Time To Sleep…Time To Circle Up!!