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Despi Mayes Experiences Joy in the Act of Giving

May 19, 2021

Despi is an artist, marketing strategist, consultant, beekeeper, and amateur guitar player. For her, joy is being able to give kindness to someone else. She believes kindness is joyful because it’s an antidote to all of the ugliness and unkindness. She experiences joy a lot and appreciates it in all of its forms. She created Give and Take Indy – upcycled food pantry boxes stocked by neighbors, for neighbors – to share joy with others.

Jenn Edds believes we need to be intentional in creating the world we want to live in

May 14, 2021

Jenn is the Head Broad in Charge at Brassy Broadcasting. She recently launched a podcast called the UkaDaily Dispatch – 365 days of affirming daily ditties and inspiration. She finds joy in singing, doing silly things, and putting good things out in the world. She believes joy is always there, but sometimes we lose connection to it and we need to reconnect with it.  

Ann Wheat believes joy is an intentionally driven experience

May 12, 2021

Ann is the Executive Director of Duet AZ, an organization that provides vital services, free-of-charge, to homebound adults and family caregivers. Ann finds great joy in nature, her work, helping others, and being intentional and mindful in what’s going on around her. She believes deep joy moves us in life and that it radiates out of us. 

Jenna Streit finds joy in expressing gratitude (and babies!)

May 07, 2021

Jenna is the Development Director for Indiana Milk Bank, the first and only donor human milk bank in Indiana keeping fragile infants alive and healthy. For Jenna, joy is a sense of connection and community. She shares joy in thinking about the people who have impacted her life and finding ways to let them know. She also gets joy out of sharing sweet pictures of the babies they help on social media. Follow @TheMilkBank 

Lindsay Scott believes joy, peace, and love are real and pure

May 05, 2021

Lindsay is the President & CEO of Kids Voice, so it’s no wonder she finds the purest form of joy in watching her staff, board, and volunteers give willingly to help save children from abusive situations. For her, joy is about being present and in the moment. Lindsay sparks joy in others by mailing notes, making calls, or sending texts to people when they least expect it. She believes sharing joy can create a ripple effect by simply giving a little bit of your time. 

Anne Dunlavy finds joy in winning over the struggle

April 30, 2021

Anne is the Market Director of Sales & Marketing at Marriott IndyPlace, a Purdue grad (go Boilers!), married to her high school sweetheart, and mother of two adult kids. She believes joy is an abundance of positive thoughts that culminate into happiness. For her, joy is also a feeling of calm, peace, and warmth. She finds joy in being intentional and winning over the struggle. She shares joy in taking action – when she’s thinking of someone or something, she takes action on it. 

Jenica Giffin finds joy from within (and in a donation of diapers)

April 28, 2021

Jenica is a wife, mother to 3, the senior program manager at the Indiana Diaper Bank, and works in children’s ministry. She finds joy from within and in others. She believes we can share our joy by finding something we’re passionate about and sharing it with other people. Hear why she finds so much joy in a pile of diapers – and what you can do to help.

Taylor Shanklin finds joy when she’s at peace and everything feels right

April 23, 2021

Taylor is the CEO at Barlele, a TEDx Speaker, podcast host (SOAR), and a hopeless optimistic. For her, joy is being in a state of mind where you don’t feel stress and everything just feels right. Joy is when you’re at peace. Taylor shares joy by sharing “nonsense” on her social media channels. She also finds joy in walking, talking, and thinking about things differently. 

Kate Thoene finds joy in gratitude and being a positive force for others

April 21, 2021

Kate is the Executive Director at Waste Not – a food rescue organization in Arizona focused on collecting and distributing food (fyi: 40% of food goes into the landfills; Waste Note AZ rescues 3 ½ million meals each year). For Kate, joy is purposeful, rooted in circumstances, and is the long-term result of what fulfills you. She shares her joy through expressing gratitude and being a positive force in her son’s life. For more information about Waste Not visit 

Trena Roudebush finds joy in shared energy and achieving perceived limitations

April 15, 2021

Trena describes herself as a communicator, a connector, and an enabler. She’s a lifelong Indy resident, a long-distance runner (50 miles in a day) and is someone who finds joy by being around other people and making things happen. For Trena, joy is a sense of contentment and a feeling of momentum. She experiences joy when there’s shared energy. She spreads joy by challenging people and helping them achieve perceived limitations. 

Jessica Gershman finds joy through wellness and by riding the waves

April 14, 2021

Jessica is a mom of 4, yogi, chef, wine lover, podcaster (Mom, Slow Down), and self-love advocate. She finds joy in combining all her passions – yoga, cooking, and wellness – to help other women find their free-floating happiness. She shares joy by being mindful, present in the moment, and using her passions to help other women experience their joy.

Dr. Roseann finds joy by bringing levity and caring wherever she goes

April 09, 2021

Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge is an award-winning children’s mental health expert and author of Teletherapy Toolkit and It’s Gonna Be Ok! She’s the mom of a special needs teenager who knows how to have fun and bust a move on her “disco drive”. For Dr. Roseann, joy is a feeling from the inside when doing something that makes you feel good or feel happy – or when you bring happiness to another person. She shares her joy through humor, her smile, and going out of her way to be kind to someone else. 

Dustin Homan finds joy by asking about people’s passion and how he can help

April 07, 2021

Dustin is a husband, father, runner, Ohio sports fan, lover of history, and is “aspiring to help youth thrive so they can solve our world’s wicked problems”. Professionally, he’s the 4-H Youth Development Educator for Purdue Extension Marion County. For Dustin, joy has three elements: surprise, a visceral feeling that emanates from our hearts, and it causes time to slow down. He shares joy by stoking people’s spark. 

Keisha Gray finds joy in making the right choices and showing up for others

April 02, 2021

Keisha is the new Executive Director of the Indianapolis City Market. She finds joy in making a conscious choice to show up and be a part of someone’s life. For Keisha, joy is being able to make the best decision based on the choices she has in front of her. She shares her joy by letting people know she’s listening and giving people a sense of connection. 

Samantha Cross finds joy in living in the moment and being more present

March 31, 2021

Samantha is the Director of Administration for IGT Indiana (on behalf of the Hoosier Lottery), a lifelong Hoosier, dedicated community volunteer, and an all-around great person. For her, joy is an emotion sparked by happiness. Samantha spreads joy by being more reflective and purposeful in her interactions with people, lending an ear, making people laugh, and having authentic connections. Joy is a mental exercise of gratitude that helps her be more present and centered. 

Tamara Winfrey-Harris finds joy in letters to black girls and uplifting others

March 26, 2021

Tamara talks about the joy of launching her latest book, “Dear Black Girl: Letters From Your Sisters on Stepping Into Your Power”, and the joy of giving girls their rightness right now. In addition to being an author, she’s the vice president of community leadership and effective philanthropy for CICF. For Tamara, joy is being open and receiving to all the good things that are available and reflecting on it. She shares her joy in having human connections and supporting, celebrating, and uplifting others.  

Danielle Rothchild finds joy in collecting bread tags and helping people in need

March 24, 2021

Danielle attends Purdue University and runs a nonprofit that she started when she was 16. Through Danielle Cares for Chairs, she has collected and recycled 3,500,000 bread tags, and uses the proceeds to buy wheelchairs for people who need them. For her, joy means happiness. She spreads joy by spreading kindness: opening the door for someone, giving someone a compliment, and helping people who are struggling. Danielle encourages people to find their joy and their passion – and then do something about it.

Brittany Smith finds joy in pausing and putting things in perspective

March 19, 2021

Brittany is the Senior Regional Lead of Community + Marketing at Yelp. She spends her days loving on Indianapolis and Indiana, while cheering on Midwest community managers. For her, joy is finding the bright spots in the simplest things. During COVID, this extreme adventurer changed her travels and experiences and has found joy in creating adventures 30 minutes from home. Brittany shares her joy by picking up trash with friends, not taking things for granted, creating – and attending – the many virtual events hosted by Yelp, and pausing and putting things in perspective.  

Carla Knapp finds and shares joy in nature and from the Indianapolis Zoo

March 17, 2021

Carla is the Public Relations Specialist at the Indianapolis Zoo, where she is a storyteller and the voice behind the animals, exhibits, and people. She finds joy in moments of happiness and the things that move her closer to being her most authentic self. She’s a nature-loving, long-time photographer who spreads joy through the lens of her camera and on social media. She is mindful of the things she’s most thankful for in life and practices gratitude every day. 

Kim Manlove finds joy in things he never thought he would

March 12, 2021

Kim, and his wife, founded The 24 Group after their son died. He’s a person in long-term recovery from the disease of addiction and enjoying life to the fullest in ways he didn’t think he would. Kim lost his joy after Dave died and that absence of joy was physically and mentally devastating. After recovering from addiction, he rediscovered joy by practicing self-awareness and rediscovering a lost faith. Today, he shares joy in giving back to people in various ways, including being a sponsor and attending 12 Step meetings. 

Wendy Noe finds joy in serving others and watching Doves fly

March 10, 2021

Wendy is the executive director for Dove Recovery House – a one-of-a-kind housing program for women struggling with substance use disorder (“Doves”). For her, joy puts life into perspective and can be found when the women who enter Dove House broken become the women they are meant to be. Wendy shares her joy by being of service to others and meeting people where they’re at, not where she’s at. 

Jennifer Parker found joy in the midst of sorrow

March 05, 2021

Jennifer and her husband started and run the Alex and Ali Foundation – a nonprofit that empowers the lives of people with autism and other disabilities (her son is Alex). After their daughter died last year, Jennifer wasn’t sure she would ever find joy again, but she did. Jennifer believes that joy and sorrow can co-exist and sharing joy is part of the healing process. It’s a battle and she’s fighting for her joy, but it’s there. Today, she finds joy in doing the next right step.

Kristen Fuhs Wells Finds Joy in Slow Moments

March 03, 2021

Kristen is Vice President at Indiana Humanities and finds joy in the work she does. For her, joy is deep and emotional. Joy is contagious and something we can pass along to others. Kristen shares joy through a spirit of generosity, empowerment, and being present at Zoom meetings. Professionally, Kristen spreads joy through humanities every day.

Leslie Bailey finds joy in the little things that make a big difference

February 26, 2021

Leslie is the Co-Founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of Indy Maven – a lifestyle media company for women. As a writer and a busy mom, she didn’t overthink the definition of joy. For Leslie, it means happiness and pleasure. She experiences joy daily through her kids, connections that are made through Indy Maven, and her joy jar. Leslie is more thoughtful about sharing joy and shares a lot of it on social media. 

Beth Belange believes joy is universal and contagious

February 24, 2021

Beth is the Marketing & Promotions Director at Sun King Brewing Company. For Beth, joy has a sense of wellbeing, meaning and purpose. There’s something universal and contagious about joy. Beth finds joy in giving gifts, volunteering, baking, and most importantly listening to others. She’s everyone’s biggest cheerleader and spreads joy by lifting up her friends and bringing them back to where they need to be to experience joy. #MakeJoyContagiuos

Eric Richards finds joy in his family and the work he does for cancer patients

February 23, 2021

Eric is a husband, father of 3, and president & CEO of Cancer Support Community. For Eric, Joy is something that makes him feel good, something that overwhelms him, and provides him the positivity that charges his batteries. Personally, he shares joy with others through texts, Zoom, Facetime, and Facebook. Professionally, he shares joy by delivering comfort kits and goodies to cancer patients. 

Maggie Owens finds joy in the tiny moments

February 17, 2021

Maggie is a wife, miracle mom, leader, singer, 17-year ovarian cancer survivor, and works to prevent youth abuse and suicide. For Maggie, so much about joy is in finding the tiny moments that can change the whole trajectory of your day. She chooses joy every day and she chooses to give hope to others by sharing her joy. Maggie believes there’s something good and joyful about every day we get to live on this earth. 

Linda Broadfoot finds joy in exploring the city and its 212 parks

February 12, 2021

As the Director of Indy Parks, Linda is living life to the fullest and finds great joy in lifting up the Indy Parks team. For her, joy is a rush of incredible positive experiences that are more heightened than happiness. Linda spreads joy by exposing people to new places and new ideas.  

Tanner Alexander finds joy in being a part of different communities

February 10, 2021

Tanner is the new board president for Indy Pride and the Corporate Engagement Associate at United Way of Central Indiana. Although he believes joy is complex, he experiences it a lot by being in different communities and connecting with so many different people. He finds joy in what makes other people happy and makes sure not to “yuck somebody’s yum”. For Tanner, joy is about going through life and finding reasons to be happy and optimistic. 

Katie Reasoner finds joy in the little things

February 05, 2021

Katie is the Chief Development Director for Boys & Girls Club of Boone County. She finds joy in the little things and the gift in every day. Katie reminds us that we can spread joy through relationships, never burning a bridge, and staying humble and kind.

Kerry Miller finds joy in celebrating little wins

February 03, 2021

Kerry owns Joyful PR and has found ways to spread joy personally and professionally through her new company. She grew up watching her parents love and accept everyone, which helped her become the joyful and kind person she is today. Kerry finds joy in connecting with people every day and bringing a smile to everyone she meets.  

Melissa Pas Blake believes joy is the highest vibration

January 29, 2021

Melissa has found purpose in being a vessel to help people heal themselves through her business, Pasitive Solutions. She believes joy comes from within – it’s an inner bliss. For Melissa, service and helping others is the best form of joy. She finds true joy in transforming lives (and rolling down hills).

Ben Lytle believes joy is a word that carries a thousand meanings

January 27, 2021

Ben is a health care entrepreneur, a business icon, a passionate philanthropist, a father to 3, a grandfather to 8, and a budding author (3 books in the works). He believes every moment presents a chance to shine your light. For Ben, joy is a force in nature, a spontaneous exuberance of existence, and the exhilaration of life itself. Joy is the wellspring of sustainable happiness. 

Marianne Glick experiences joy by sharing her gifts with others

January 22, 2021

Artist and philanthropist, Marianne Glick, talks about the joy she gets from painting, helping others, and by being a positive influence and mentor to teens through TeenWorks. For Marianne, joy is a deep feeling from inside. She believes joy is where your soul feels good. 

Dave Haughs brings joy to others through woodworking

January 21, 2021
Dave is an engineer, woodworker, and the founder of a new nonprofit called Socially Distant Woodworking. He experiences joy from seeing the genuine look in people’s faces when they do something different, like woodworking for the first time. For Dave, joy is a state of elation. 

Melissa Crispell shares joy by giving her gifts to others

January 15, 2021

Melissa defines joy as a state of being. For her, it’s not a destination or something you get from an exchange; it’s synonymous with living in her truth. Melissa finds joy in sharing her experiences and gifts with others. She gets honest about not living in joy every day but going to that place in her mind to find joy.

Bart Peterson finds joy in human interactions and by slowing down

January 13, 2021

Bart Peterson, President & CEO of Christel House International, talks about how joy comes from human interactions. Whether its transforming lives through Christel House schools, his work as former mayor of Indianapolis, or time with family, Bart experiences the most joy by helping others. He believes we can share and experience joy by slowing down and finding the things that make our eyes light up. 

Andrea Geiger is finding joy in the little things with a mellow heart

January 08, 2021

Andrea is a new mom, new fiancée, and the general sales manager for Radio One. For her, the meaning of joy changes over time and right now it’s defined by having a mellow heart. In this episode, she opens up about finding joy after a difficult delivery, PTSD, and therapy. She’s controlling one day at a time and using her platform to share joy with others. 

Randy Ollis believes you can find joy even in thunderstorms

January 06, 2021

Longtime meteorologist, Randy Ollis, has spent decades at WISH-TV forecasting the weather for viewers. In this episode, he talks about how he has discovered joy and peace through his faith. As a believer, he finds joy in giving himself to others and doing something for someone else. 

Terri Stacy finds joy when doing good things for others

January 01, 2021

Terri believes that everybody has something in their heart that they love and are passionate about. She feels joy more often than she doesn’t. For her, doing something for someone else is like a shot of a good vitamin and brings her so much joy. 

Podcast: Jen Kramer finds joy in creating joy for others

December 30, 2020
Jen is a source of joy and believes in the Law of Attraction – if we’re joyful it inspires others to be joyful. She believes joy is contagious and benefits everyone. She’s always on the lookout for joy and for the opportunity to be joyful. She also talks about her “Year of Love”. 

As a PR professional, Jennifer Dzwonar shares her joy during crises

December 22, 2020

Jennifer is a partner at Borshoff, an integrated marketing communications agency in Indianapolis. For her, joy can be found in small moments of deep peace. She feels like joy is the thinning out where you get a glimpse of something better, beyond, and deep. Professionally, she shares her joy with clients experiencing crises and helps them through difficult times.  

Erin and Elliott Mills find joy at the JCC

December 22, 2020

Erin and Elliott Mills work, play, and find joy at the JCC, a neighborhood and community resource in Indianapolis. This young couple believes joy comes from inner peace, that it’s a choice, and that we must seek it out. As an early childhood teacher, Elliott finds joy from the children at the JCC, while Erin talks about finding joy from grilled cheese. 

Journey and her mom share their joy with Big Brothers Bigs Sisters

December 18, 2020

Journey is 8 years old and a Little Sister. She and her mom talk about the joy they get through the one-to-one mentoring relationship she has with her Big Sister. Journey also talks about how we can share joy by helping others, like feeding our homeless neighbors on the streets. 

Rev. Dr. Angela Gorrell has studied Joy & the Good Life

December 16, 2020

Angela is assistant professor of practical theology at Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University. She believes now more than ever that the work of joy – understanding it and being open to it – is essential. Angela shares that joy is the feeling we get when we recognize and feel connected to what is truthful, meaningful, good, and beautiful. To share joy, she creates spaces where people are invited into joy and gives them permission to share their joy.

David Sherron

December 11, 2020

David is an Indianapolis native who heads up Unto Him Ministries – a ministry that addresses the various needs of people throughout the community. For David, joy is a mindset that transcends our circumstances. You may not be as rich, you may not be as healthy, your living conditions may not be as good as others, but we all one thing in common that brings us the ultimate joy (listen to find out more).

Cindi Odle believes we can share joy by sharing of ourselves

December 09, 2020

Cindi opened the only Baptiste Affiliate Yoga Studio in Indianapolis in the middle of the pandemic, yet she’s optimistic and full of joy. She finds joy in spontaneous and impromptu moments, including during a dance party that broke out at her studio. Cindi spreads joy one yoga class at a time (fyi: your first class is free) and by sharing of yourself.

Steven Stolen believes joy finds you if you open yourself up to it

December 04, 2020

In his soul he’s a singer. He’s also a 62-year-old dad, a husband, the host of Stolen Moments on WFYI, and a determined optimist and seeker of paths and solutions. For Steven, joy is a fleeting moment that happens when you are alert and ready for it. Joy comes in a quiet, subtle, personal way for him. He believes we must retool our mindset to allow joy into our lives.


Chrissy Vasquez believes joy is when her heart is about to burst

December 02, 2020

Chrissy is a nonprofit leader, servant leader, fundraiser, volunteer, Ironman wanna be, cheerleader, advocate for the underserved and supporter of second chances. She finds joy in some of the simple things, including clean sheets and sun, sand, and surf. Chrissy shares joy by texting people who cross her mind, writing notes to friends and family, celebrating people on social media, and being kind.

Jenni White shares joy by creating brave spaces for other people

November 27, 2020

Jenni describes herself as a complex human who believes joy comes from deep inside. Being a mother is one of her greatest personal sources of joy, while her work joy comes from being the founding director of Trinity Haven – a nonprofit that provides housing and stability for LGBTQ teens experiencing homelessness. She shares joy by creating brave spaces for women to gather and share parts of their lives with each other.

Kelly Meyer finds joy by giving of herself

November 25, 2020

Kelly is a first-grade teacher, a 7-month breast cancer survivor, and a first-time grandma. She has a big heart and finds joy in volunteering for numerous organizations. Kelly shares joy by giving of herself to others. One of her best friends is a former homeless man who she met on a mission trip and is someone who brings her so much joy. 

Milo Bryant is all about finding joy through physical, mental, and emotional health

November 18, 2020

Milo lives and work in San Diego, is the father of 2, and a fitness trainer who trains trainers. For Milo, joy is not complex, it’s a feeling he experiences every morning when he wakes up knowing he gets to help people feel and be better. He believes joy is a state of being where you can be at peace with everything around you. To gain and share joy, he moves more, drinks more water, runs as fast as he can, and plays. 

Susan Potje talks about the joy of art

November 18, 2020

For Susan, joy comes from the inside and is a state of mind, not something that is determined by outside factors. Susan is the co-owner of Celebration of Art and has been recognized among Scottsdale's Most Dynamic Women. She finds joy in connecting people through art, letting people know she cares, and spreading joy by giving unexpected random gifts to family and friends. For Susan, the embodiment of joy is letting all your worries melt away.  

Adenike Makinde is intentional about finding and sharing joy everyday

November 11, 2020

Adenike Makinde is a Purpose Coach & Career Strategist who believes her calling in life is to help people find more joy and purpose at work. She is the Owner of Joyfully Career Strategy, a wife, and mother of two. Adenike believes joy is a divine energy and that even on our worst days we can find it – you just have to be intentional about it. 

Jason Ulm believes in relationships over everything

November 11, 2020

For Jason, joy comes from being part of the community and seeing that community do something together that’s greater than our individual parts. He’s the VP of Sales for Axia Technology and shares motivation on Mondays and highlights nonprofits on Fridays through LinkedIn as a way to share joy, happiness, and kindness with others. Jason believes that relationships matter most, and that joy is outwardly focused and a deep feeling.

Ellen Saul has experienced joy so strong she laughed-cried

November 04, 2020

Ellen Saul is a wife, mother, sister, lifelong event planner who currently works at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the creator of the Facebook page “Couped Up Corona”. For Ellen, joy is a feeling inside that’s so strong you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. She has found joy in Vermont, during her daughter’s show choir performance, and while watching the green flag drop. Humor, a smile, and a thank you note are just a few ways Ellen is sharing joy.

Duncan Alney finds joy in connections and gifting more

November 04, 2020

Duncan Alney is the president and founder of Firebelly Marketing. For Duncan, joy is a fundamental part of our makeup and to experience joy we must know sadness. He believes in connections, listening, being empathetic, and gifting more. Among many things, cooking and sharing Indian food with friends and neighbors brings him great joy. 

Kendra Edwards Finds Joy in Connecting with People and Paying it Forward

October 28, 2020

Kendra Edwards is a wife, mom, community volunteer, and the Chief Marketing Officer at CarDon & Associates. She is a big believer in paying it forward and connecting deeply with people. For Kendra, joy is a level of contentment and it means having a little bit of peace in her heart.  

Shannon McGill Finds Joy in Living Authentically in her Lane

October 28, 2020

Shannon McGill is a business owner, mom to three, and at her core she is a woman in her 40s enjoying the adventure. Shannon speaks her truth and finds joy in living authentically and intentionally fearless. She believes we can allow joy to blossom when we remove judgment and allow ourselves and others to be authentic. 

Rob Johansen is an introverted extrovert who experiences joy daily in varying degrees

October 21, 2020

Rob Johansen is an actor and animal advocate who immerses himself in the things that give him the great satisfaction and joy. He shares his joy with animals at the local shelter and by donating his platelets. Rob gives all of himself – his soul, his life, and his energy – and he puts it all out there for others.  

Tina McIntosh finds joy in her family, God, and the guests at Joy’s House

October 21, 2020

Tina McIntosh is a Christian, wife, mother, and a nonprofit executive who lives on an urban farm in the middle of the city. She finds joy in the little things, by listening to other people, and choosing not to be offended. Tina’s most recent experience with joy came from a Joy’s House guest living with dementia. For Tina, talking about joy is a good reminder to be joyful to the people she loves the most. 

Manny Ohonme uses shoes to activate joy

October 12, 2020
Manny grew up in Africa poor – without shoes – today, he has given shoes to over 7.5 million people around the world through Samaritan’s Feet. He believes joy is a state we’re always in. If you truly want to experience joy, Manny challenges you to humble yourself and serve others. His signature is his smile and a window into his heart. 

Cassie Stockamp finds joy deep inside herself

October 12, 2020

Cassie Stockamp is a mother, a truth seeker, and a community advocate. Cassie left her job as the Executive Director of the Athenaeum in Indianapolis two years ago to travel and volunteer her way around the world. COVID-19 altered her travel plans a bit, but she still finds joy in many things. She compares joy to a scuba diver, how she found joy in a 1,300-mile bike ride around Lake Michigan, and more.

Marty Posch is grateful every day

October 12, 2020
Marty Posch, executive director of Youth Finish Line, defines joy as the utmost, all-encompassing feeling of total euphoria and happiness. It’s a state of being and a state of mind. He talks about being open to seeing the simple things that bring you joy, creating the simple things that bring you joy, and finding beauty in a million things.