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There’s a variety of new movies in theaters this weekend and for you to stream in the comfort of your own home! Christopher Lloyd of the Film Yap joined us with the rundown.

New in Theaters:

Cruella — Rather than fall back on formula, “Cruella” uses its animated and live action predecessors as a mere launch pad for something different and dazzlingly original. Read more

A Quiet Place II — “A Quiet Place Part II” understands it can’t be as new or inventive as his predecessor, so instead it ends up being a fast-paced, heart-thumping thrill ride that leaves you screaming for a part III. Read more

American Traitor: The Trial of Axis Sally — This drama about the trial of an infamous woman who fed the Nazi propaganda machine features a meaty part for Al Pacino, and not much else. Read more

Cool on Streaming:

Blue Miracle — The true story of an orphanage in dire financial straits who team up with a crusty old boat captain (Dennis Quaid) to enter a big-money fishing contest. Now on Netflix

You Might Have Missed:

Princess Mononoke — Hayao Miyazaki’s dark world of magic, in which humans and forest gods vie for supremacy, stands alongside the real one, commenting upon its shortcomings. Read more

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