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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Police say a 16-year-old boy was shot by an 18-year-old man Friday night during a high school football game at a stadium on the west side.

The injured teen was taken to a hospital and was stable, police said Friday night. The other teen, David Tillman, has been arrested for aggravated battery, police said Saturday. The 16-year-old was shot in an arm, according to the school district. Police have not identified the boy.

The district’s superintendent, Jeff Butts, said Saturday that one of the people involved was a former Wayne Township Schools student, but Butts did not indicate which one. He also said no Wayne Township Schools students were involved.

Carmel was playing against the Giants at Ben Davis Football Stadium, and the game was airing live on MyINDY-TV 23, the WISH-TV sister station. The shots rang out in the fourth quarter of the game.

As shots were heard, players scrambled from the field, and fans were evacuated. The remainder of the game was canceled.

IMPD said school police chased Tillman as he ran away after the shooting but caught him near the school.

Jared Evans, a City-County Council member, said in a social media post Saturday afternoon, “One of the individuals arrested also appears to be involved in several violent incidents, including a Shell gas station shooting and a Brownsburg shooting.”

Police have only announced one arrest, and the information about a suspect being involved in other shootings has not been confirmed publicly by police.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department dispatch information at 9:24 p.m. Friday showed a report of shots fired from the high school, 1200 N. Girls School Road. At least two ambulances from Wayne Township Fire Department were sent to the school at 9:27 p.m. Friday. About a half-hour after the shooting, the football field was surrounded by several ambulances and at least a dozen police cars.

About an hour after the shooting, yellow police tape surrounded an area with shell casings and a few police officers outside an entrance to the stadium near a ticket office. That’s where the shooting happened.

Kevin Ratterman, a News 8 photographer at the game, said shots rang out from near the visitors’ bleachers. Both teams sprinted off the field shortly afterward, he said.

Greg Rakestraw, vice president of ISC Sports Network, said he heard shots on the southeast corner of the football field. After the shooting, teams ran to their locker rooms, where they were secure, Rakestraw said.

Jim Inskeep, the athletics director at Carmel High School, noted that Ben Davis gives checks with metal detectors for people entering its stadium.

Inskeep said the game was called, with Carmel winning 35-21. He tweeted when the team was headed back to Carmel.

Indianapolis City-County Councillor Jared Evans said in a statement early Saturday morning, “As a former Ben Davis Giant, I’ve played many games on the Ben Davis football field and witnessed first-hand the camaraderie and community spirit of those in the stands. I was sickened to see that spirit turn to panic tonight when shots were fired outside Giants Stadium. I’m very grateful that the shooter was apprehended and that the victim will survive, but I am angry and frustrated that so many young people seem to believe deadly weapons are the best way to resolve disputes. I commend the MSD Wayne Township Schools officials and school police who noticed this conflict brewing and were escorting those involved out of the stadium when the shooting occurred. They prevented what could have been a far more dangerous situation, and all of us in the Ben Davis community are thankful to them tonight.”

The superintendent of Wayne Township Schools, Jeff Butts, tweeted a message early Saturday morning: “It is with deep sadness and concern that we share this message with you. Our increased safety and security efforts at the Ben Davis Football Stadium gates continue to improve the safety of all who enter the stadium to cheer on the Giants and enjoy a great night of Ben Davis Football. Unfortunately, during the fourth quarter of the Homecoming football game against Carmel last evening, several teenagers engaged in an altercation outside of the football stadium. During the altercation, a handgun was fired and an individual was struck in the arm. That individual was transported by ambulance, in stable condition, to the hospital. The M.S.D. of Wayne Township Police Officers quickly apprehended the shooter, detained the individual for questioning, and subsequently arrested the shooter. Several of the individuals involved in the altercation have been identified. At this time, only one of the individuals involved has been identified as a former Wayne Township student. None of the individuals identified are current Wayne Township students. Several Ben Davis administrators were in the area when the incident occurred and immediately implemented our safety plan. M.S.D of Wayne Township Administrators from several of our schools were on duty and coordinated efforts with the school police and IMPD. The coaches, athletes, and spectators were ushered to areas of safety while the situation was processed and the scene secured. BDHS and MSD Wayne Township are appreciative of the organized and safe response to this unfortunate situation. The official school-sponsored Ben Davis homecoming activities scheduled for Saturday will continue as planned. Additional safety measures are being implemented so that the students can have an enjoyable, safe homecoming experience. (I)f you or someone you know has any information about what occurred outside of the football stadium last night, please contact the IMPD at 317.327.3811.”

Anyone with information on the case was asked to call Detective Doug Morning at 317-327-3475 or email him at Information can also be shared with Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-8477.

Police initially said the shooter was 16 years old. He is 18, police later said.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It was quieter under the Friday night lights as Ben Davis and Brownsburg faced off, one of many games marking the start of the high school football season in Indiana.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, only 1,000 fans were allowed inside the Ben Davis stadium that seats 9,000.

Fans had to sit in groups of six with their family members. Masks were also required to be worn at all times, even for players and coaches.

Ben Davis science teacher Lydia Finchum helped remind people as they entered the gates. She’s been taking tickets for school sporting events for the past four years.

“All of this is different this year. They’re just so grateful to be out of the house and, even if it’s not the way it looked last year, they’re at least here,” Finchum said.

Fans told News 8 that, even with all the new rules, this event was the first normal feeling they’ve felt in months.

“That’s why I wear a mask, so my son can play football,” said Brownsburg parent Stacie Dalton. 

“I’ve seen games canceled all over the state so I’m just thankful it’s on,” added Sam Terrell.

“I think it will be a little weird, but we’re Ben Davis and we’re gonna make some noise,” said Melissa Hardesty.

Every school is handling its season and games a little differently so it’s best to check websites before just showing up. Some teams, in announcements on Twitter, began selling tickets Friday night for next week’s matchups.

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Indiana coronavirus timeline

With information from the Indiana Department of Health through March 4, 2021, this timeline reflects updated tallies of deaths and positive tests prior to that date.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Students enrolled in Wayne Township Schools will not be going back to school as originally scheduled as administrators, educators and staff members prepare for classes during the coronavirus pandemic.

Administrators on Monday changed the start day for in-person classes from July 29 to Aug. 12. They gave parents and students the option of remote learning or in-person classes.

Superintendent Jeff Butts said the district is making sure there’s enough personal protective equipment for the schools, and laptops for families that choose to continue remote learning for the upcoming school year.

Anna Whitely told News 8 she’s been helping her three granddaughters with remote learning while their mother is at work. Whitely said her granddaughters would still be learning from home if it was up to her.

“This COVID is still going around and it’s going around strongly and it’s too soon to open up schools for these little children just to get sick all over again,” Whitely said.

The Wayne Township Schools district has an outlined reopening plan to keep everyone safe at school.

Wayne Township Schools administrators said all staff and students in grades 4 through 12 will be required to wear a mask. Students in kindergarten through Grade 3 will be required to have a mask with them at all times. Hand washing will be encouraged throughout the day, and hand sanitizer will be available. Students will follow a seating chart on school buses, in classrooms and in the cafeteria for social distancing. School meals will include water bottles, and water fountains will only be used to refill the containers. There will be a separate clinic for students showing COVID-19 symptoms who are waiting to be picked up. Visitors will be required to wear a mask and limited to the front office. No volunteers will be allowed to enter the buildings. Families must regularly screen their children for symptoms before sending them to school.

Although some parents tell News 8 they believe kids should go back for social interaction, Whitely said she believes it’s better to be safe than sorry. “I understand there are struggling parents that they have to send their kids to school because they can’t afford day care. Well, that something for people who are struggling, there are help sites out there. Maybe you can talk to a church, or talk to some friends or family members if they’re not working.”

School leaders said they are emailing parents about the change through the ParentSquare private communication platform.

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Indiana coronavirus timeline

With information from the Indiana Department of Health through March 4, 2021, this timeline reflects updated tallies of deaths and positive tests prior to that date.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Professional broadcasters, look out below. 

Incoming from a microphone in Indianapolis, Ben Davis High School’s senior-to-be, Zion Brown.

“I just want to have fun, really, is the main thing,” Zion Brown said before calling a regional matchup between the Giants and Southport earlier this March. “I love when I do this. I just want to get better every day. You are only as good as your last broadcast.” 

As a student broadcaster, the airwaves aren’t bustling with listeners. But experience, including last-second, game-winning calls, can go a long way. 

Earlier this spring, Brown was behind the microphone for one of these special moments. The Lady Giants knocked off Roncalli at the buzzer and Brown’s emphatic call did the bucket justice. 

“We hit the game winning shot and it was a really electric call,” Brown said. “I even posted it on my Twitter, and it got a lot of views and retweets. That was probably the favorite of mine so far,” Brown said.  

Despite Brown’s high school basketball schedule being cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic, he still is working on his craft from home, calling mock games online. 

After we filmed Brown for a portion of an evening of work this past March, WISH-TV sent his tape to a few of Indiana’s top sports broadcasters to get their critiques. 

The reviews were classic. 

“I have heard a lot of high school kids do play-by-play over the years, but you are one of the top two or three I have heard — and that is in 40 or 50 years of doing play-by-play,” the voice of the Indiana Hoosiers, Don Fischer, said. 

“I am so impressed with the work that you are doing as a high school student at Ben Davis,” the voice of the Pacers, Chris Denari, said. “I love your enthusiasm, your description and your call.”

“Keep it up, maybe you will have my job one day.”

Finally, there was a shoutout from the top voice at Lucas Oil Stadium.  

“You have a big-time voice in big-time moments,” Colts play-by-play man Matt Taylor said. “It looks like you have a good feel for what play-by-play is all about. Just continue to take advantage of every resource you have available to you at Ben Davis. That is a huge head start for you.”

When we showed Brown the messages spotlighting his work this season, he was nearly speechless. 

“Thank you so much. I never expected any of this,” Brown said.

Whatever you are gunning for, the zest is there, just add in a little encouragement. 

Suddenly, the rest of the work isn’t so impossible.

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Indiana coronavirus timeline

With information from the Indiana Department of Health through March 4, 2021, this timeline reflects updated tallies of deaths and positive tests prior to that date.