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Christopher Lloyd from The Film Yap has his picks for what’s new in theaters and streaming in your living room.

New in Theaters:

The Nest — Jude Law stars in plays a businessman who moves his family to the countryside but can’t escape the personal and professional fears stalking him. 

New On Digital/Demand:

Blackbird — Susan Sarandan plays a dying mother who wants to gather her flock for one last contentious weekend before she goes. With Kate Winslet and Sam Neill. Read more

The Devil All the Time — In 1950s West Virginia, Tom Holland is a young man caught up in backwoods feuds and corruption. Great performances, but just not enough substance to go around, says Andy Carr. Read more

Teenage Badass — A wannabe band looks like they’re finally getting their big shot with a spot on the local news, but wacky events conspire to bring them down. 

Lost Girls and Love Hotels — Alexandra Daddario is an American living in Japan who works as a flight attendant teacher by day, but at night she wanders an underworld of sexual intrigue.

New on Disc:

Stephen King 5-Movie Collection — Five of the horror master’s film adaptations are now out on Blu-ray in time for Halloween! “The Stand,” “The Dead Zone,” “Silver Bullet” and both versions of “Pet Sematary.”

You Might Have Missed:

Roman Holiday — The classic that many see as the godfather of the modern romantic comedy. Now for the first time on Blu-ray.

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