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Chef Rosalee Ortiz is known for putting her own special twist on traditional dishes. She joined us today with her recipes for Banana Pudding Pancakes and Breakfast Macaroni and Cheese.

Chef Rosalee is the host of an online cooking show called, “Cooking Live With Rosie.” Here’s more from her:

What stands out the most is cooking meals that are inexpensive but full of flavor and style. I call it simplicity. What makes me different from other chefs is that I personally connect with my followers.

We discuss what we would like to cook then I provide a grocery list along with the time and date we will cook. I go Facebook live and my followers watch and cook along with me.

6 ingredient Macaroni & Cheese



Boil macaroni until Al dente. Once pasta is fine drain water add butter and seasoning stir until mixed then add cheese and heaving whipping cream stir all in one pot until mixed well. Pour into casserole dish top with more shredded cheese. Cook on 375 for 15 min

Note: For Breakfast Macaroni, add your toppings first then cook on 350 for 15 minutes.

Banana Pudding Pancakes



Follow the instructions on the back of the box for pudding.

Then Whip the frosting together with the cool whip once folded in add the pudding and fold that in until mixed well. 

Scoop pudding on waffles add bananas and drizzle with syrup or caramel. 

Join Rosalee’s Facebook group, Cooking Live with Rosie and her endeavor, Rosie Brave Kitchen.