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Two tornadoes touched down northwest of Indianapolis during thunderstorms on Tuesday night, the National Weather Service said Thursday.

No one was injured in either tornado.

The first touched down about 6:30 p.m. about 4 miles north-northeast of Covington in Fountain County with maximum winds of 75 mph and a maximum path width of 75 yards. It traveled 2.36 miles, mostly across cornfields, but also glancing two homesteads, downing tree branches and overturning a large trash bin.

The second hit about 7:11 p.m. about 2 miles southeast of Buck Creek in Tippecanoe County with maximum winds of 85 mph and a maximum path width of 40 yards. It traveled 0.64 miles and blew out a barn’s skylights, collapsed an outbuilding’s wall and damaging its roof, and damaged a utility pole. Straight-line winds in the area also shifted an outbuilding off of its foundation and downed several trees.

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