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Grab those hard hats and fasten that tool belt, a Looney construction crew is heading to town!

“Bugs Bunny Builders” is the first Looney Tunes preschool show in over 20 years, premieres Monday, July 25 at 8:00 a.m. ET on Cartoonito on Cartoon Network and Tuesday, July 26 on Cartoonito on HBO Max. 

Eric Bauza and Chandni Parekh, the voices behind some of your favorite Looney Tunes characters, joined us Monday on “Life.Style.Live!” to discuss this new series.
In this reimagined iteration, Bugs and Lola are managers of the Looney Builders construction crew comprised of Daffy, Porky, Tweety, and more familiar Looney faces. Together, the team helps their fellow citizens of Looneyburg with zany building projects. Whether building a thrilling new racetrack or creating an out-of-this-world ice cream sundae, no job is too big or wild for the Looney Builders when they work as a team and utilize their super-looney tools and souped-up vehicles. 
Tapping into parents’ nostalgia, “Bugs Bunny Builders” is THE show parents have been waiting for to introduce their favorite Looney Tunes characters to their kids. The show is designed to be funny on two levels, allowing kids to laugh along with these characters while also enticing parents to stay in the room and watch together. The series combine the wackiness, humor, and slapstick of the iconic characters with a modern Humancentric Learning curriculum. The show promotes children’s fascination with building and design, helping preschoolers cultivate essential skills—including self-expression, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration and communication—and emphasizing that if you can imagine it, you can build it! 
Eric Bauza is a veteran Looney Tunes actor having voiced Bugs, Daffy, Tweety and more iconic characters in various series and films. He was most recently cast as Daffy, Porky and several other characters in “Space Jam: A New Legacy” and continues to voice Bugs, Daffy, Tweety and other characters in the hit HBO Max Looney Tunes Cartoons series. 

Chandni Parekh is making her Looney Tunes debut as Lola Bunny. Only a handful of people have voiced Lola since the character first appeared in the 1996 “Space Jam” film, including Kristin Wiig in the “Looney Tunes Show” and Zendaya in last year’s “Space Jam: A New Legacy.” Chandni now takes the reins of this character in a re-imagined version that defies gender stereotypes by leading a crew of construction workers.