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The Indiana Council on Educating Students of Color is a non-profit agency focused on collaborating with schools to operate after school and summer education programs focused on the important stuff like reading, writing and math.

This non-profit is working with the National Coalition On Education Equity to improve educational outcomes particularly in marginalized neighborhoods. That is a mission requiring public will.

Tuesday there is an event called, “Building the Public Will,” and Clete Ladd, co-director of Community Engagement and Outreach for the Indiana Council on Educating Students of Color (ICESC), and Al Bonds Representative of the National Coalition on Education Equity (NCoEE), joined us to discuss tonight’s event happening at Witherspoon Presbyterian Church (5136 Michigan Road) from 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Registration is required and includes dinner.

About ICESC: 

The Indiana Council on Educating Students of Color is an Indiana State, 501c3 non-profit agency. The focus of ICESC is to collaborate with schools and districts to design and operate after-school and summer educational programs that focuses on reading, writing, comprehension, and math.  

The Indiana Council on Educating Students of Color is a state-wide organization dedicated to those principles etched in urban education.  Founded in Indiana by a group of concerned educators and community activists committed to improving the educational outcomes of students in Indiana especially those living in marginalized neighborhoods, characterized by high crime, violence and attending schools with poor academic performances.  ICESC consists of Indiana educators, school administrators, legislators, parents and youth organizing and mobilizing in the State of Indiana. 

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