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Millions of college juniors and seniors are at a loss on how to move forward right now. The good news is that everyone is dealing with this, so this is your chance to stand out.

What do you do when you need to show professional experiences on your resume, but you just lost your internship? Or you worked your tail off for your first job placement and you were just notified that there’s a hiring freeze? Here are some action steps from Lindsay Boccardo, Generational Consultant and Millennial Career Coach you can take today to feel good about your future:

I believe a career is a commitment to keep learning and growing in a direction that interests you. A commitment to add value to other people’s lives in a specific way. Whether you want to be a coder or a teacher or you want to work at a PR firm. This has not changed. How we go about it has changed and to the degree that you can flex and show resiliency and resourcefulness, you’ll set yourself up for success.  

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