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Grateful Rescue and Sanctuary is asking for donations and assistance from the public after saving 15 dogs from a backyard breeding eviction.

“When these precious dogs arrived at our facility, they were scared and unsocialized. We’re currently spending time with each one, making sure they are getting the proper veterinary care, food and behavior training,” said Pamela Terhune, founder of Grateful Rescue.

A backyard breeder is an amateur animal breeder whose breeding is considered substandard, with little or misguided effort towards ethical, selective breeding. Unlike puppy mills and other animal mill operations, backyard breeders breed on a small scale, usually at home with their own pets.

Donations can be made at Grateful Rescue’s website,

The dogs include two Huskies, a Chocolate Labrador, two Bernese Mountain Dog mixes and a Goldendoodle.

The community is already coming together to help Grateful Rescue. Roo’s Holistic Pet Supplies in Muncie is providing dog food, chew toys and nutrition guidance.

City Fence has built fencing to help give the dogs a safe place to roam and exercise.

ARF Animal Rescue Fund in Muncie is assisting with veterinary care services. Action for Animals has also been sending food.

“These dogs came from heartbreaking conditions. A dark barn, with dirt floors and no electricity,” said Terhune.

The community has responded to pleas for escape-proof harnesses and Kuranda Beds. Supplies are still needed.

Go to to see the items on the Amazon Wishlist.