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New security measures in place during football games at Ben Davis High school

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — New security rules for people attending football games at Ben Davis High School are now being enforced after a recent fight between students from different schools during last week’s home football game.

The MSD Wayne Township Schools superintendent said the fight was between Ben Davis students and students from outside the district, prompting the new security measures to be considered.

“When we have individual students from other schools who are coming into our stadium to go to our football game it’s typically not to root on the Giants and to create a family-friendly environment,” explained Dr. Jeff Butts, MSD Wayne Township superintendent. “It’s one of the reasons why we’re really trying to keep visitors on their side.”

Visitors from opposing teams are now required to park on the north side of the stadium and enter through gate three which leads to the visitor’s side.

Fight at Ben Davis HS football game prompts new security enforcement

Anyone associated with the Wayne Township School District will enter through different gates.

Students in grades 7-12 must enter through gate one and have their student ID present. Dr. Butts added book bags are not encouraged to be brought into the stadium.

Adults and elementary students associated with Wayne Township Schools are asked to park on the south side of the stadium and enter through gate two which leads to the home side. Butts said elementary students are to be accompanied by an adult in order to enter the stadium.

Butts mentioned people who are rooting for the Giants are welcome to sit on the home side if they’re not affiliated with Ben Davis High School or Wayne Township School District.

The stadium has restrooms and a concession stand on both sides of the stadium. Doug Scheffel, who is the director of security for MSD Wayne Township Schools, said the small gates in between both sides will be closed. He also said school administrators will be partnered with an officer during the game.

“We employ a lot of off duty IMPD (Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department) and Speedway officers who may not know who all the students are whereas the school administrators do so they’ll work together,” said Doug Scheffel. “We’ll have radio communications amongst the two and we’re hoping to alleviate a lot of problems doing that.”

Metal detectors will continue to be in place at every gate. Officers will be monitoring the bleachers and the parking lot for suspicious behavior.

“I’m sure we’re going to have a few individuals that are going to be upset,” said Scheffel, “but how can you argue the fact that we’re trying to keep everybody safe including the visitors into our stadium?”

Both Scheffel and Butts advise those attending football games at Ben Davis High School to arrive early.