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Thieves steal washer, dryer from driveway in broad daylight

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Police are investigating after two men were seen stealing a washer and dryer from someone’s driveway on the south side in broad daylight.

The theft occurred around 11 a.m. Wednesday off of Thompson Road when no one was home.

Homeowner Todd Dexter told News 8 the washer and dryer were sitting next to his garage, at the very end of his driveway. He never thought they’d be taken.

“One guy came up, looked around it, walked up and didn’t knock on my door or anything from the video,” Dexter said. “He walked back to the truck and said something to the guy, that guy got out and picked them both up into the truck, backed out and left.”

The washer and dryer were his girlfriend’s and needed to be repaired. Dexter said he often fixes cars and appliances at home.

“It’s crazy. It’s like they’re getting more brave, to just come up to your property in the middle of the day and just take something,” Dexter added. He believes the intent of the thieves was to pick up scrap metal.

“I’ve put stuff out by the street before and it’s gone within a few minutes,” Dexter said. “But you wouldn’t expect anyone to come to your house and just take it and just go away without leaving a name or number or something and say, ‘hey, I’m interested in this. Is this trash or not?'”

The surveillance video was shared on social media. A friend of Dexter said he was disappointed after seeing the video.

“If you had a truck, this is a pretty long driveway. I would’ve backed it up and made my load easier,” Mike Nahre said. “They pulled straight in so you wouldn’t see their license plate, so you already knew. I don’t know, there’s red flags all over the place.”

Dexter said this incident was a lesson learned.

“I have to just put it inside and make sure it’s locked away and not out visible for someone to just come and get,” Dexter said.

IMPD told News 8 it has received a tip about the identity of the two thieves seen on surveillance, but no arrests have been made so far.