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The pain at the pump is increasing exponentially. Drivers with tiny 4-cylinder economy cars are paying $75 or more to fill their undersized vehicles with fuel. SUV and pickup drivers are in mourning after each visit to the pump.

Against that backdrop, manufacturers’ videos promoting electric cars are beyond slick, including clips of supermodels cheerfully charging their EVs. Chevrolet has a promotional video for the company’s electric Silverado pickup truck, touting 20 thousand pounds of towing capacity.

Not surprisingly, when Life. Style. Live. visited the Amp at 16 Tech on a recent afternoon, we found a lot of people considering electric cars more seriously than ever before.

“I’m thinking about it,” said Greg Stowers as he finished his lunch. “My tank was actually $75 to fill up last week.”

Stephanie Bothun’s thoughts about electric cars are evolving. “We talked about an electric car two years ago and I think the price was pretty prohibitive for our family,” she said as she stood outside The Amp. “As gas prices have been rising, it’s been a much more real conversation.”

Right now, though, with supply lines mired in a post-pandemic funk, getting any kind of new vehicle is a challenge and that goes double when one is in pursuit of a hip, new EV. Enter Nathan Hecht, the inventor of the Rodo APP. Hecht says the Rodo App can connect you with the car you want whether it runs on electricity or fossil fuel.

“We can get you either a new or used electric car, on our app, RODO,” Hecht told me during a recent Zoom conversation. “You might have to wait a little bit, but there are vehicles available. We are taking orders every day.”

We asked the bespectacled tech guru how RODO is able to overcome significant supply chain issues.

“We have a very large network of car dealerships across the United States that offer their inventory on RODO,” Hecht said. “The fundamental difference between us and some of the other online automotive platforms is you can actually transact on RODO. So, when you find the car that you’re looking for, there’s a transactional price, an actual monthly payment an actual due at signing.”

Hecht went on to say that a consumer can then place their order and the transaction takes place between the consumer and the dealership.

You can learn more about the RODO App here.