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Stillinger Family Funeral Home has added a staff member you wouldn’t expect to meet when you walk through the door. David Stillinger joined us today to introduce us to this “pupular” addition to the funeral home.

They have six-month-old Labradoodle named Foster who is a fully certified therapy dog. His name has a special meaning because he fosters love, healing and hope for their clients.

Dogs also have an ability to help those grieving with their feelings. Stillinger say they noticed that with with their beloved Butler, the first dog added to their family and team, and they’re looking forward to the comfort that Foster can provide.

There are also two other dogs that serve their clients in need, Harley and Harper. Stillinger says death can be hard to talk about, but people always open up to the dogs. They are natural therapists.

The Stillinger Family Funeral Home is about compassion and treating people like family. They work with families that are grieving and help people pre-plan their services.

They can work with you by yourself or with your family, so you receive the services you would like and possibly take the burden off those left behind.

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