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On a recent late spring afternoon, we hit the Monon Trail to find out what everyone is looking forward to this summer. We found Joe Murdock walking briskly along the trail with a smile on his face. When asked what he was looking forward to, Joe didn’t hesitate.

“Normalcy,” Joe said firmly. “What I mean by that is the kind of routines that we draw energy from every day, that have been interrupted over the last few years. It’s now time to get back to the way things used to be, where we have the freedom again to explore and draw energy from the outdoors like I’m doing now.”

Greg Bosler sounded like a public affairs spokesman for Hamilton County when we posed the same question to him.

“Well, I’m looking forward to enjoying Hamilton County,” Greg said cheerfully. “Like this great Monon Trail that we’re on right now and the beautiful scenery and the exercise available on the Monon and all the great amenities in Hamilton County.”

We asked and Greg maintained he is not employed by Hamilton County, it’s just that he loves this place!

We were unable to get Jerry Zachary to take a break from his afternoon run to talk with us, so this reporter ran alongside him for a 16th of a mile wearing my Philadelphia lawyer’s suit. When asked what he is looking forward to, he offered a concise answer.

“Being on the Monon!” he yelled without breaking stride.

We talked to a lot of people on that pleasantly warm afternoon and while the answers included a wide range of travel, activities, and family gatherings that people were looking forward to, the answers were alike in their sun-splashed optimism.