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There’s a variety of new movies in theaters and for you to stream in the comfort of your own home this weekend! Christopher Lloyd of the Film Yap has the rundown of what’s showing.

New in Theaters:

In the Heights — Any flaws with “In The Heights” are owed to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s source material and not director Jon M. Chu, who has made one of the best movie-musicals ever. It’s the feel-good movie of the summer. Read more.

Queen Bees — Sort of a “Mean Girls” for the retiree set, this warmhearted if not predictable comedy stars Ellen Burstyn as a woman who moves into a retirement home and joins the ruling cadre. Read more.

Censor — A British woman who decides which naughty bits get to stay in movies goes on a quest to find her missing sister in this horror flick.

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway — The rapscallion CGI rabbit gets bored with life on the farm, so he goes into the big city, meets some shady characters and gets into some scraps.

Cool on Streaming:

Loki — The new MCU spinoff series on Disney+ is sure to dazzle and amaze Marvel fans, as well as shed light on a new side of this villainous character. Now on Disney+. Read more.

Infinite — Antoine Fuqua’s a consistent filmmaker who’s made an inconsistent movie with the Mark Wahlberg sci-fi/action vehicle “Infinite.” Now on Paramount+. Read more.

Awake — Gina Rodriguez stars in this timely and engrossing Netflix drama about a deadly pandemic that robs people of the ability to sleep, which registers closer to cautionary tale than science fiction. Now on Netflix. Read more.