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Megan Thomas Head, lifestyle influencer, joined us today with some beauty and health ideas to help you this holiday season. 

John Frieda Frizz Ease

Feel free to create your own new holiday traditions and whichever festivities you choose to partake in, style your hair however you want to wear it with John Frieda’s incredible stylers.

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Kindra is a modern wellness brand for menopause essentials that are plant-powered, estrogen-free, and science-backed. Kindra’s best-selling, cult-favorite Daily Vaginal Lotion, available at, boasts a trifecta of skin-critical, restorative lipids – including coconut, safflower, sunflower oils – for maximum skin hydration and long-lasting comfort during your everyday life and intimate relationships.

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BULK HOMME: Men’s Skincare Line

BULK HOMME is a luxury skincare line from Japan designed for men that incorporates the most essential skincare products into your skincare routine, presented in a unique way.

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Lasso Compression Socks

Hands down, Lasso is the BEST sock you have ever put on. Ranked #1 by Men’s Health. Most people don’t understand the importance of having the right footwear. Lasso changes that. Their primary goal is to improve movement, all day, every day.

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Whether it’s pins and needles or a feeling of numbness and tingling when you go from sitting to standing, we’ve all felt it before. Our foot’s asleep.

It’s what’s called paresthesia and usually happens when a person sits in one position for a long time with one foot under one leg while the legs are crossed. This position cuts off the connection between nerves in the brain that travel to the feet. Blood flow is also cut off and oxygen isn’t able to get to the tissues in the lower limb.

Typically, a sleepy foot is harmless and disappears within minutes. To wake it up, doctors recommend changing positions and avoid sitting for long periods. But there are cases when something else might be going on, especially if the sensation persists to the point where it’s difficult to walk.

Below is a list of medical causes of sleepy feet:

For more from Dr. Mary Gillis D.Ed., you can follow her on Facebook.

You can kick-off your spring on the right note with these ideas from Cheryl Leahy, Lifestyle Influencer.

Mommy’s Bliss Prenatal Line

Mommy’s Bliss is a trusted mom-created brand that for the last 20 years has developed a variety of safe and gentle baby and children’s supplements, and now a new line of mom products, which include prenatal vitamins and supplements. 

Bioré & Mental Health First Aid

Biore has partnered with the National Council for Mental Wellbeing to bring Mental Health First Aid Trainings to students across at least 100 colleges.

Skineez is Compression Reinvented!

Skineez Skin Reparative 10-20 mmHg Compression socks Comfortable, Medical grade advanced healing compression socks infused with FDA Approved skincare ingredients.

Incredo® Spreads by DouxMatok

Incredo® Spreads are smooth and creamy chocolate hazelnut spreads available in two flavors – Hazelnut Cocoa and Dark Cocoa Salted Caramel.

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While COVID-19 is one of the biggest challenges facing Americans right now, that doesn’t mean the normal health issues we face each winter have gone away.

Dr. Contessa Metcalfe is preventative medicine physician in Atlanta and one of the co-stars of Bravo’s hit show, “Married to Medicine.” She joined us today to talk about why prevention is more important than ever this year, how you can be proactive about supporting your health, and more.

Watch the video above for all the details.

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2020 was a challenging year for everyone and the stresses we experienced can trigger new health issues in the year to come.  Before we take on new resolutions, it’s time to consider a recovery check list to get your health back on track.

Here to help is Dr. Taz Bhatia who is a wellness expert & integrative medical doctor renowned for combining modern science with eastern medicine and is the host of the nationally acclaimed super women wellness podcast.

Dr. Taz is the author of several best-selling books like “The 21 Day Belly Fix” and “Super Woman RX.” She has also been a guest on the today show, Dr. Oz, and numerous other network TV shows.

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Looking for ways to get into shape? Sherri Shuler tells us about the 465 Challenge. This challenge is perfect for anyone. Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey or if you’re a seasoned athlete, this challenge is right for you!

There’s still time to be a part of the 465 Challenge and benefit the WISH fund.   

The 2nd annual 465 Challenge has been set for January 1-Feb. 28th. This is a 53-mile exercise challenge that people can do individually and on their own time frame. Reason for 53 miles? That is the distance around the entire loop of 465. Although the miles will not be completed on I-465, participants are encouraged to compete their miles with various forms of exercise such as: running, walking, cycling, yoga, swimming or aerobic exercises.

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Register today for a healthy start to 2021:

Are you up for a 53-mile challenge and also raise money for a local wish-granting organization?  Start your New Year resolutions with the 2nd Annual 465 Challenge. Vision Event Management organizers of the 465 Challenge announced the 2021 dates of January 1, 2021 through February 28, 2021 and selected Indiana Children’s Wish Fund, a local wish-granting organization, as the charity that will benefit from funds raised. 

Why 53 miles? That is the mileage to complete one loop around the 465 Interstate. Although the miles will not be completed on I-465, participants will complete independently their miles with various forms of exercise such as: running, walking, cycling, yoga, swimming, or other aerobic exercises. This virtual challenge will help provide the guidance for those launching their new year with a fitness program or motivate the seasoned athlete to stay focused through the winter months. 

Two Challenge Packages are available:  

Sign up is easy. Simply, go to: click on Registration. Helpful information on the website includes; conversion charts, referral program, exercise tracking log and an online store. 

“We are so excited to be producing the 2nd Annual 465 Challenge.  The 465 Challenge is the original virtual challenge in INDY.  How the world has changed since we started this event a year ago. People need challenges like this to keep them motivate and bring them that community of support. We are so excited to bring on a fantastic charity partner in the Indiana Children’s Wish Fund. We look forward to granting the wish for Leighton, age 6 for a trip to Disney World.”  says Jeff Graves, President of Vision Event Management.  

“We are honored and thrilled to be selected as the charity for 465 Challenge,” says J’Lynn Cooper, Director of Wish Fund Operations.  “Fitness and health go hand-in-hand and this is a fun way to log in your exercise and help Wish kids at the same time.” 

About Indiana Children’s Wish Fund:

Indiana Children’s Wish Fund, established in 1984, is a local single-entity wish-granting organization that grants wishes to Indiana children, ages 3-18, who suffer from a life-threatening or terminal illness. Wishes include; trips to Disney, shopping sprees, meeting celebrities, home computers, swimming with dolphins, family vacations and much more.  To date, the organization has granted over 3,200 wishes for Indiana children.  For more info:

With the pandemic and all of the challenges the world is facing right now, staying healthy is more important than ever as we enter the fall and winter seasons.

Doctor Yael Varnado joined us today with some Fall Wellness tips. She’s a practicing doctor at John’s Hopkins, founder of and the non-profit, Get Checked 4 Life.


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On Capitol Hill, the debate was over the top. 

Republicans attacked the Green New Deal, a Democratic road map to remake the American economy, reduce carbon emissions, and prevent the worst effects of climate change.   

But after much political theater, a resolution supporting the proposal was resoundingly defeated by the U.S. Senate.    

“I thought it presented an opportunity,” said Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander.   

Republican Senator Lamar Alexander is no fan of the Green New Deal.    

“So radical, so far left,” said the Senator.    

But he does believe climate change is a serious problem.    

“Most of the scientists, almost all of them say humans are major cause of it. So, the question is what to do about it.”   

Alexander is proposing a 10-point plan to address climate change over the next five years.  

“Doubling energy research, building advanced reactors, better batteries, greener buildings, electric cars.”   

“The investments that Senator Alexander is talking about certainly should be a part of a comprehensive, bipartisan solution,” said Elizabeth Gore with the Environmental Defense Fund.  

Gore was disappointed by this week’s debate. But she’s encouraged by Alexander’s proposal.    

“We need members of Congress from both sides of the aisle to come to the table to put their best ideas forward.”   

Alexander’s plan is much less ambitious than the Green New Deal, but it does contain some similarities.   

And he might have better luck getting it through congress — he’s chairman of the subcommittee

that funds energy research. 

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis health center was honored as part of the top one-percent in the industry.

The Raphael Health Center was picked as one of 10 out of 1,200 centers serving particularly vulnerable populations. The honor comes with a $100,000 reward.

Several organizations are involved with choosing these award winners including The National Association of Community Health Centers and Direct Relief.

According to the release, the organizations said Indy’s Raphael Health Center uses a unique population health approach to treating those with diabetes.

The diabetes navigator determines barriers a certain patient might have to get care and education, and then works around those obstacles with in-person meetings, phone calls and even text messages.

You can see what the Raphael Health Center is all about and enjoy a day full of family fun on September 10th. It’s the 11th annual Miracle on 34th Street Community Health Fair. It will kick-off with a one mile walk/run at 9 a.m. followed by the fair from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

WISH-TV is proud to co-sponsor this event. There will be free pizza and hot dogs, free health screenings, free haircuts for kids, and more.

The center is located at 401 East 34th street near Central Avenue in Indianapolis. Nearly 600 people are expected to attend this year’s event.

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Kelly Garrett has been waiting for this day for months.

Garrett is not only wearing her dream wedding dress for the first time, she is also getting a glimpse of the new version of herself, thanks to a mommy makeover.

“I am in love with the results. It has been worth every effort and penny that we did for this,” she says with a smile.

Garrett’s journey started in the operating room about seven weeks before her gown fitting. Dr. Gordon Lewis gave Garrett’s body the boost she has wanted since her kids, ages 12 and three, came along.

“It took me a couple years, a lot of exercising to get down back to a weight that I enjoy, but there are things as you get older that just don’t go back into  place,” she says.

Adds Dr. Lewis, “Somebody who’s in great shape like Kelly can expect to get phenomenal results.”

He describes the ideal candidate: someone who is already a healthy weight and reasonably fit who just needs some help with so-called problem areas.

A mommy makeover is any combination of a breast augmentation, lift, tummy tuck and liposuction. Dr. Lewis now does about four a month, which is double what he used to do.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 117,158 tummy tucks done in 2014, an 87 percent increase from 2000.

Breast lifts saw a 75 percent increase during the same time period, with 92,724 of them done nationwide.

Dr. Lewis says just about every patient loves what she sees post-procedure.

“The mommy makeover just really helped me with that and made me feel refreshed and renewed,” explains Garrett.

She says the recovery was not terrible. She had to wear a compression garment for a few weeks but did not have to limit as much activity as she expected.

“It was more of a ‘If it hurts, don’t do it,’ but I have two kids, I have a life, I have things to do.  We had baseball practice and things to go to, and I still lived my life and did what I had to do.”

That includes getting back to planning her special day with her fiancé.

“He’s been very pleased with the results too,” she says with a smile. “We went to Victoria’s Secret for the first time this weekend.  We were excited.”

As for the cost, Dr. Lewis says breast procedures run about $5,000. Add a tummy tuck and possibly another procedure, and a mommy makeover can come with a price tag of $10,000 to $15,000.