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Have you ever been in one part of your house and it feels nice, cool and comfortable, then you go to another area and it’s burning up? Renee Lucas of LCS Heating & Cooling says this is one of the biggest comfort complaints they receive. Here’s more from her:

We’re spending more time at home now than ever before. As a result, people are realizing that their homes aren’t as comfortable as they could be. While not every solution is right for every home, there is a solution for you! Here are some examples:

Solar Powered Attic Fan:  Removes heat from the attic to take the heat load off the upstairs.

Zoning:  Divides the home so separate thermostats control different areas of the home.

Ductless Minisplit: Heats and/or cools a specific area of the home.

Attic Controller:  Shows how hot it can be in attics

Solar Powered Attic Fan:  Shows a picture of the fan itself from the outside

Zoning:  Shows examples of how the house can be divided.

Minisplit Outdoor:  Shows an outdoor unit