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Time to move houseplants indoors after their summer vacation outside! Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp, the Hoosier Gardener, has some tips for what you need to know before you welcome them back inside.

1. Get ready to move houseplants indoors when nighttime temps are in the 50s.

2. Clean up plants and snip off damaged or dead leaves.

2. Examine plants, especially the undersides of leaves for any insects or diseases.

4. Give them a shower with the hose to wash off any dust or insects before bringing indoors. You can also shower them in the bathtub or kitchen sink, wherever it’s convenient.

5. If concerned about insects, isolate those plants before introducing them with other plants in the home.

6. Treat if necessary: insecticide for bugs; fungicide for fungus; miticide for spider mites. Make sure the product is labeled for use on houseplants. Always know what plant problem you have before you treat it and always read and follow the label directions.

7. Always read and follow the label directions, but usually it’s best to hold off on fertilizing plants through winter. Same with watering needs. Less sun, less growth, less water and fertilizer needed.

8. Remember that plants may drop leaves when they come back inside. They are adjusting to less ambient light. Keep an eye on plants for a while after their return indoors. Try to give them as much light as possible.

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