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Remington Hill has officially released his latest single, “Iceberg.”

Recorded at the new Naptime Recordings studio in Indianapolis, Indiana, the jazz-rock fusion features a robust chorus with meaningful lyrics throughout. 

“Iceberg” isn’t just the copy-and-paste formula of a familiar pop song. Its build-up tells a vivid story that reminds a listener of the first time they questioned whether or not they were in love. Instead of a recycled melody, the familiarity enters through the lyricism which creates thought-provoking imagery. Lines like, “I know the pool at the hotel isn’t lit well for you… It doesn’t light up the bottom, there’s a lot you can’t prove…” draw the listener in, but the soulful drums and vocals keep them holding on until the final moments of heartbreaking, gentle falsetto. 

Hill has been writing lyrics for artists around the world since 2018. He co-wrote the hit single “STAR” with Ohio Has Talent winner Lauren Jean in 2020 to discuss dealing with envy from others. With influences like Stevie Wonder and the Bee Gees, his melodies are certain to have you humming along all day long.

“Growing up I got to see life from all sorts of perspectives, and since I have listened to the stories of others, I feel like I have stories to tell now, too. I’ve got something to say and I’m speaking through this song,” says Remington.