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Cornerstone Construction Group has been a part of the Indiana community for almost 20 years, with their success beginning to skyrocket in the year 2013 after they landed a 5-year contract with NiSource.

Nick Lunn, president and CEO of Cornerstone Construction Group joined us today to share what people should know about their company, their achievements and how they’re currently looking for new professionals to join their team. He says they’re also very military friendly.

Cornerstone Construction Group’s mission is to create sustainable relationships with its customers while offering the most efficient, cost-effective and quickest turnaround service possible. They are achieving this through developing strategic partnerships and solutions for their customer base. They are also redefining one of Cornerstone’s key traits as a crucial skill documentation specialist and with a proven back-office systematic approach. 

Awards the company has received that they are extremely proud of include, the Inc. 5000 award, IBJ Fast 25 award and Bottle of Wine recognition.

More about Cornerstone Construction Group:

Cornerstone Construction Group is a full-service Prime Construction Management, General Construction firm specializing in controlling total project costs by thoroughly understanding your needs. We implement value-added services during both the design and construction phases of a project and provide contracting services to assist in project costs and schedules. Our construction management team at Cornerstone Construction has over forty-five (45) years of combined experience in the construction industry including Government, Healthcare, Educational, Private, and Retail. Our goal is to earn the loyalty of our customers and employees and to be recognized as a national leader in the construction industry.

Cornerstone Construction Group Corporate is located in Indianapolis, Indiana with an office in Gary, Indiana. Our locations give us the ability to respond to our clients in an urgent fashion. Our traveling teams can quickly mobilize to project locations throughout our regional market. Cornerstone Construction Group offers unique Civil Contracting and Construction Management services to the owner. This is necessary for the delivery and construction of the project.

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