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A lot of the the time when you need a lawyer it’s because of something you didn’t expect. Justin Schuhmacher and Jennifer Rozelle attorneys with Hunter Estate & Elder Law are ready for your legal emergencies even when you aren’t. Here’s more from them.

Most people contact our firm because of a trigger:

This pandemic has led people to our office for many reasons. The top three being:

  1. Someone in the family is curious if and how an early retirement or furlough may impact their estate and financial strategy
  2. Someone in the family is a first responder
  3. Someone in the family is in a skilled facility OR seeking an elective surgery

Supporting clients and their families despite COVID-19 restrictions:

In our industry it takes teams to keep families moving through care and care-giving. Just last week we got a call from Jean Ross, owner of KayBee, a group of nurses who partner with families to coordinate medical care and resources for the older adults in their life. Jean was working with a son who needed to get a healthcare proxy for his father in less than 24-hours so that his care could go forward. Jean and I got into the car and met the son at the facility. After verifying that the client was of sound mind, we helped make his wishes official by passing the paperwork back and forth through the window of his facility.

Why pre-planning is important if possible:

Sometimes life happens and you need to make small, last-minute changes but it’s always easier if you have an overall plan in place. We’re still offering our informational workshops remotely to help educate future clients as they consider their wishes. We are also continuing remote free consultations and planning meetings to help protect our clients.

Learn more about their workshops and free consultations at or by calling 317-863-2030. Also, keep up with them on InstagramFacebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.