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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Crime scene tape is still attached to a pole in the alley where 46-year-old Daniel Ghebrehiwet got into a shootout with police.

Tire tracks can be seen in the grass where Ghebrehiwet tried to get away from police before firing at officers, hitting two of them and making Swiss cheese of a police cruiser.

“It sounded like a machine gun going off and a couple of single shots. Three after that,” said a woman who lives in the area. She didn’t want to be identified because she’s afraid someone who knows Ghebrehiwet will come to retaliate against her for talking to the news.

I-Team 8 spoke with other people in the area who expressed similar types of fear.

Before the shootout Thursday, Ghebrehiwet had a criminal record. He served time in prison twice. Once for stealing a car, and another for possessing a handgun without a license.

IMPD told I-team 8 the person in the car with Ghebrehiwet, who ran away from police, was 31-year-old Darnell Harmon.

Harmon is under house arrest because he had warrants for an unrelated drug charge. He was arrested for resisting law enforcement and residential entry for his alleged role in the incident on Thursday.

IMPD and Federal authorities said they are committed to getting bad guys off the streets.

“People in our community who are prohibited from carrying firearms continue to perpetuate fear amongst our community members. They put more fear in the community more often than they do public safety and, we as a community and in public safety have to continue to get these types of individuals into custody,” said IMPD Deputy Chief Kendale Adams.