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They compete in completely different sports, but even NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson sees a parallel between himself and Tom Brady. 

Johnson was asked about the similarities between his career in NASCAR and Brady’s in the NFL at the Media Day live broadcast of ‘Countdown to Daytona’ with Dan Lucas and J.B. Biunno. 

“We kinda started around the same time,” said Johnson. “We have a similar path and been doing it around the same time.”

Johnson raced in his first Daytona 500 in 2002, exactly two weeks after Brady won his first Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in just his second year in the NFL.

Johnson and Brady would each go on storied championship runs in the years to come. Johnson has won seven Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championships, while Brady most recently won his sixth Super Bowl earlier this month.

Both athletes have developed a reputation for competing at a high-level into their forties, doing so way past their primes. 

“We’ve kind of been on a similar journey,” said Johnson. 

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It seems driver Brad Keselowski got a tad bored of doing interviews at Media Day for the Daytona 500, so he spun the table and started conducting interviews himself.

Keselowski, who was among the final drivers to be interviewed on the live Media Day special for ‘Countdown to Daytona,’ thought it would be more fun to ask questions to show hosts Dan Lucas and J.B. Biunno than spend time talking about the race.

“You guys are dressed nice, by the way,” Keselowski said to Lucas and Biunno as he amusingly dodged questions. “I drive for Roger Penske, and he really appreciates people who dress nice, so he’d like you guys.”

“I’m doing a hell of a job hijacking your interview, too. [It’s been three minutes] and you haven’t asked a single question yet.”

Among Keselowski’s questions, he asked Biunno which college he attended.

When Biunno responded with the Univeristy at Albany, whose athletic teams are the Great Danes, Keselowski continued the fun by barking like dog.

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In this action-packed episode of ‘Countdown to Daytona,’ NASCAR’s brightest stars including Jimmie Johnson, Martin Truex Jr, and Kevin Harvick join Dan Lucas and J.B. Biunno to preview the Great American Race.

Johnson is asked about the parallel to Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, with both athletes still competing at a high level in their respective sports. 

Truex Jr. discusses what the 2019 NASCAR season might have in store for him and his team.

Harvick looks back on a 2018 season that nearly brought him a championship, and what adjustments are needed to win it all this year.

Watch the ‘Countdown to Daytona’ live stream all week long here on this website beginning at 1:00pm EST leading up to Race Day! 

This show packs a PUNCH! Coach Tony Dungy appears on Big Game Bound to preview the game and reveal his surprising prediction, plus, heavyweight champion boxer Deontay Wilder sits down with Anthony “AC” Calhoun and J.B. Biunno.

The face of CBS Sports’ coverage of the Big Game is weighing in on the debate of whether Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time.

To make his point, he switched sports and dropped the name of His Airness. 

James Brown, who is preparing to host coverage for his ninth Super Bowl, believes that if greatness is defined by rings, Brady “has no equal.” 

“Clearly Tom Brady is in there,” said Brown, who believes it’s more fair to rate the best players by individual eras rather than all-time.

However, Brown says he understands arguments against Brady, referencing the decades-old debate as to who’s the greatest basketball player of all-time. Michael “Air” Jordan is often given that title, but as Brown notes, if the decision was based soley on rings, Bill Russell would be on top.

“If [greatness] is defined by championships, Bill Russell is the greatest athlete of all-time then,” said Brown. “Because he won more championships than anyone else, and he did it as a player-coach as well.”

“But you don’t consider [Russell] to be the same kind of acrobatic player with the same kind of fluidity on the court as a Michael Jordan. So it all depends on how you define [greatness.]”

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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was well aware his shoulder was in terrible shape last season and he’s ready for a return to MVP form, according to his teammate.

Panthers safety Mike Adams joined Big Game Bound: Live from Atlanta on Thursday to give the inside scoop on Newton’s shoulder after recently having surgery. 

“I was at his house last night,” said Adams with a smile. “Went over to his house, we had dinner. Me, him, Thomas Davis, couple of guys, Josh Norman even came through.”

“He says he’s feeling good. My boy is good. And the goal is to get back to where he was three years ago, that MVP year.”

Adams addressed Newton’s obvious struggles throwing the ball downfield, which was most evident when he was benched for a hail mary pass against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“He knew it was shot, he knew his shoulder was shot,” Adams said of Newton. 

“But we still perservered and we still played hard for him, he played hard for us, and that’s all you can ask out of a quarterback.”

Watch Big Game Bound: Live from Atlanta all week long at 1:00pm EST on this website for more inside access from Anthony “AC” Calhoun and J.B. Biunno. 

In this action-packed edition of Big Game Bound: Live from Atlanta, some of the biggest names in the sports broadcasting world preview Sunday’s championship matchup. 

James Brown, who is the Super Bowl host for CBS Sports, tells Anthony “AC” Calhoun how he stays calm when tens of millions of viewers are tuning in. 

Chris Myers, a veteran sportcaster as well, reveals why he’s picking the Los Angeles Rams to win a thriller.

Chris Jablonski of StubHub also joins the set to discuss the latest ticket price trends affecting the Big Game.

Watch Big Game Bound: Live from Atlanta all week long at 1:00pm EST on this website for more inside access from Anthony “AC” Calhoun and J.B. Biunno. 

NEXSTAR (ATLANTA) — If there’s a topic that generates just as much debate as who’s favored to win the Big Game, it’s the performer who best rocked the house during the Super Bowl Halftime Show.

On Wednesday’s episode of Big Game Bound: Live from Atlanta, Anthony “AC” Calhoun, J.B. Biunno and special guest Sage Steele, who anchors SportsCenter for ESPN, listed their favorite halftime performers ever.  They also took to social media to gauge responses from viewers online, who most commonly said Michael Jackson, Prince, Bruno Mars and Beyonce. 

Steele chose Bruno Mars, who’s been part of the show twice in recent years, performing as the headliner in 2014 and returning as a co-feature with Beyonce in 2016.

Calhoun answered simply with a year, saying “1993,” in reference to Michael Jackson’s performance, which is largely considered to be the most transformative show to date. Calhoun talked about Jackson’s entrance, in which he paused for an extended period of time to the roar of the crowd.

Biunno went with another popular choice in Prince, claiming no one else could’ve using a rain storm to their advantage like the late musician did. Prince famously played in torrential rain, culminating with his hit “Purple Rain” during the show in 2007.

NEXSTAR (ATLANTA) — An early visitor to the Big Game festivities in Atlanta has the perfect reason to root for the Rams.

Boxer Daniel Jacobs, the IBF Middleweight Champion, says he’s rooting for the “underdog” Rams after overcoming the adversity he’s faced in his life.

Jacobs, nicknamed the “Miracle Man,” was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer in 2011. Many believed his career as a prize fighter was over, but Jacobs perservered and returned to the ring after nearly two years away from the sport. 

Jacobs, now cancer-free, is now a champion who is set to defend his title against perhaps boxing’s top attraction in Canelo Alvarez on May 4. 

The Rams are being labeled as the underdogs, a label that hits close to home for the middlewight titleholder.

“Even though I’m a boxer, I’m a huge football fan,” said Jacobs, who said he can’t wait for the fun of Super Bowl weekend. 

Back in 1967, seeing two football teams square off for championship glory didn’t cost thousands of dollars. 

Before it was known as the “Super Bowl,” a ticket to the 1967 AFL-NFL World Championship game cost only twelve dollars.  A vintage ticket was brought over to the Big Game Bound crew on Radio Row by Hunt Auctions, as seen in the video above. 

If you factor in inflation, the 2019 ticket price would be roughly $90 to attend the Big Game. 

Football fans are shelling out thousands of dollars to attend SBLIII between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams. 

If only it were 1967 all over again. 

Oh, and if you’re looking for vintage items, SBLIII is the place to be.

Hunt Auctions and NFL Auction are hosting the 11th Annual Super Bowl Live Auction Event, with items from the personal collections of Brian Dawkins and Reggie White.  Rams and Patriots items will be featured for the Big Game, but nearly a thousand items from every NFL team will be available.