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Avoid the horrors of fall leaves, clogged gutters, and ladder safety with the Gutter Helmet. Sammy Terry, television horror host, joined Brian Carriger of Gutter Helmet to share the many ways that Gutter Helmet can help you and your home.

Problems that can occur:

     –  Gutters can sag and pull off the house

     –  Water will quickly overflow when gutters are full

     –  Water can cause wood rot, ground erosion around the base of your home, and possibly lead to foundation cracks and damage. 

Stay off the ladder, and keep both feet on the GRAVEYARD!:

      –  Over 160,000 ladder related accidents occur each year in the United States

      –  Most ladder accident deaths are from falls of 10 feet or less.

Gutter Helmet is celebrating 40 years in 2021, and also locally and family owned since 1985.

For more information visit, or call: 1-800-5-HELMET

You can watch Sammy Terry’s Nightmare Theater at