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Have you ever seen fortune cookies as big as your head!? Well, you have now!

Tomorrow is National Fortune Cookie Day, and today Erin Jump Fry, CEO & Visionary, joined us today to share a little bit about how fortune cookies are made and how unique there’s are. She says each fortune cookie is whole and natural with no powdered eggs. They also make each batch to order with much care and love. Here’s more from her:

As you might expect, a gourmet fortune cookie company has a colorful past. You can see the history of our company right here, and learn how Mike Fry invented flavored and colored fortune cookies. For 24 years Mike was the inspiring entrepreneur who never stopped dreaming up new cookies and fun things to do with them. Since 2005, as his wife, I’ve been a co-owner and full-time participant in all things fortune cookie. Over the years, I took on more of a managerial role and focused on sales and customer relations.

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