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Happy National Sleepover Day!

Sleepovers are a great way for girls to bond, but sometimes as parents we aren’t sure what activities to plan without over planning like you would a formal birthday party. 

Here are some ideas Melissa Jones, founder of the Girls Positivity Club, shared Monday on “Life. Style. Live!”.

Activity ideas:

Bubble painting – 2 tbsp liquid dish soap, 2 tbsp tempera or liquid watercolor paint, 1 tbsp water
Calming glitter jars – use an empty bottle or jar, fill with glitter and water and decorate the bottle with stickers, markers, etc
Inexpensive crafts from Dollar Tree

Themes kids love:

Ocean theme, dreams, glow in the dark, movie mania, Barbie/Doll party, spa day

Tips to make a sleepover a success:

What NOT to do when planning your sleepover:

Don’t over plan, girls like fun things to do, but also need time to have freedom to play outside, watch a movie, play make believe and etc.

Don’t plan without involving your daughter.

Leave room for surprises, but involve her in planning while finding out what she and her friends like to do.

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