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You may not know about this local antique shop, even though they’ve been around for 40 years! Norman Kanis, co-owner, Architectural Antiques of Indianapolis joined us today to talk about his family-owned antique business that bloomed from his passion for collecting that started at age 12. Here’s more from him:

The shop has been located at 5000 West 96th Street, Indianapolis, IN (1 mile west of Michigan Rd.) since first opening in 1980.

I started collecting antiques at the age of 12, and in high school started selling books, dishes, and some furniture. While in college at Ball State, I started selling architectural items.

We offer the largest selection of antique and vintage lights in the Midwest.

Our focus is 1860-1960 architectural items, unique and high quality items. This includes, lights, doors, door hardware, front bars, back bars, columns, colonnades, iron fence, newel posts, handrails and some furniture pieces.

Why buy antique or vintage items? They have higher quality. Even if they seem more expensive, these items have been around for 100 years or more already and still have 100 more years of life in them. They are more permanent and have a history. Plus, you’re saving items from the landfill.

I get fulfillment from being able to give these items a second chance especially when I can salvage something that had been salvaged before (thus giving it a 3rd life)!

Our customers are not only restoring old homes, but they are also building new homes and wanting to add quality antique touches to their home or the homes of their clients.

Our items are from the Midwest. We don’t travel around the country to find pieces. We source locally.

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