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When it comes to Halloween, it’s a holiday that should be fun for the whole family, including our pets! Nathan Lowe, The Indy Dog Whisperer, has a few tips to make it a good experience for your dog and those around them.

1. Constant Knocking/Doorbell Can Stress Your Dog Out!

      – This can put your dog on “high alert”

      – Repeated stressors are hard on a dogs body and mind

2.  Find an Outdoor Alternative

     – Get the dog out of the house (in costume 😊)

     – Use the opportunity to socialize/desensitize your dog in the neighborhood

     – Take dog on a drive if the neighborhood activity is overwhelming for them

3.  Stay Calm and Take Charge!

     – Avoid approaching other people’s dogs or letting them approach yours (unless the dogs know each other)

     –  Avoid trying to comfort your dog if they are tense

     – Protect your dog from unwanted contact

     – Correct your dog for barking or lunging

REMEMBER: Keep all candy out of reach of your dog. Chocolate consumption can cause serious illness or even death.!

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It’s a match made in heaven for this dog who was just in need of a home last week.

“Indy Style” viewers may remember Snitch, whose original owner, “Charlotte,” died unexpectedly from breast cancer. Nathan Lowe, The Indy Dog Whisperer, brought the dog onto the show to share its story and to help it find a home.

(WISH Photo)

There was a great number of responses, and Charlotte’s mom, Debra Watson, has officially chosen a new family for Snitch, and she says it couldn’t be a more perfect match.

Not only can Snitch live in a loving family home, he can also bring his love to patients at his new owner’s dental office.

(WISH Photo)

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Dogs are very territorial creatures, and they often defend their territory by barking. Nathan Lowe, The Indy Dog Whisperer, joined us today to answer an in-person viewer question at Grateful Fest. Watch to see his solution to stopping a dog from barking when neighbors pass their yard.

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There are many things that can cause your dog to bark, and Nathan Lowe, the Indy Dog Whisperer, joined us today to share what they are and how you can get them to stop!

1. Reasons a Dog Barks

     – Possessive protection

     – Threat protection

     – Demand

2. “Styles” of Barking

     – “Machine Gun” bark (to ward off)

     –  Paced bark (to alert the pack)

     –  Yipping bark (indicates excitement)

3.  How to Address Unwanted Barking

     –  Face the dog

     –  Step into the dog

     – Make the dog back away

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Parenting a dog take much different techniques than parenting a child. Nathan Lowe, the Indy Dog Whisperer, joined us today to explain some of those differences and teach dog owners to be the best pet parent possible.

1. Rules before relationship 

2.  Vigilant Protection

3.  Social bonding

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Many dog owners have an issue with their dog jumping up on them or others when greeting them. Nathan Lowe, the Indy Dog Whisperer, has a few tips to help your dog end this behavior.

1.  Be Calm

2.  Use Appropriate Body Language

3.  “Settle” Before Petting

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Summertime is a great time for relaxation and fun, but we should all be aware of the potential dangers for our furry friends! Tom Dock, BSc, CVJ of Noah’s Animal Hospital joined us today with tips to keep our pets cool and safe during the summer months.

By far, the most common problem our pets face in warm temperatures is heat stroke. Also known as heat stress or hyperpyrexia, this is a real emergency for our dogs.

Body temperatures can skyrocket to more than 106 degrees Fahrenheit quickly.  At 110 degrees, brain damage starts to occur.

Dogs can’t dissipate heat by sweating like us; they must pant to cool themselves. Often, they are simply unable to cool themselves efficiently

Any pet can overheat on a warm day, but short faced breeds are at a higher risk. 

1. Never leave your pet unattended in a car during warm weather.  Not only can the car’s internal temperature climb into dangerous territory in just minutes, it is now also a crime in many states and cities.

2. When running errands, leave your dog at home.  Just a few minutes in a hot car can spell disaster for your pet.

3. Shaving your long-haired dog might sound good, but it could expose him to more problems, including sunburn.  Most veterinarians and groomers agree that a clean, well maintained coat helps insulate the pet and actually keep him cooler.

4. Warm weather not only means a return of fleas and ticks, but also several species of biting flies.  These pests can cause an irritating and serious condition known as “fly strike”.

5. To keep your pet’s safe, always know the weather forecast.  Knowing the high temperature for the day can help you decide whether your dog needs to stay indoors while you are gone.

6. If you find your pet collapsed in the yard, disoriented, or panting excessively, move him immediately to a cooler environment.  Use cool water towels across the neck and belly along with fans to bring his temperature down.  Don’t use ice.

7. Make immediate plans to transport your pet to the veterinarian for assessment and life-saving treatments.

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This event is bound to be all the fun you need for one weekend!

Pamela Terhune, founder of Grateful Rescue and Sanctuary-Muncie and Hailey Perkins of Roos Holistic Pet Supplies-Muncie joined us today to discuss the upcoming Grateful Fest fundraising event at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Muncie on June 19th.

Events include a fire truck pull, classic car show, yard sale, paint your pet party, pet parade and more.

Celebrity guest include: Al Unser, Junior, Nathan Lowe the Indy Dog Whisperer, Pet Pals TV’s Patty Spitler.

Grateful Rescue & Sanctuary is not a traditional animal shelter but a unique approach for animal rescue. Cats and dogs temporarily at-home in the Sanctuary are treated to highly individualized care.  This standard of excellence extends to how the Sanctuary operates generally.

GuideStar, a database evaluating the mission and effectiveness of nonprofits, has awarded Grateful Rescue & Sanctuary with its Platinum Seal of Transparency, a level achieved by fewer than 1% of its 2.5 million nonprofits reviewed. Fewer than 1% of the 2.5 million registered nonprofits receive this distinction.

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Your dog may not be able to talk your language, but your body language speaks a thousand words to them. Nathan Lowe, the Indy Dog Whisperer, joined us today to fill you in on how to speak to dog’s through your body language. He was here with Clifford a shelter dog available for adoption from Greenfield Hancock Animal Management.

Nathan also answered a question from an Indy Style viewer. If you have a question or concern about your dog, comment here on Facebook or send an email to

1.  Enforcing Your Personal Space

2. Claiming Objects and Food

3.  Utilizing the Dramatic Stare

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After the year we’ve had, people are anxious to get outside and play with family, neighbors and friends for sure. Amazon John joined us today to show us all the fun that comes along with his birthday party appearances. Here’s more from him:

We always bring 9 animals: 3 mammals, 3 reptiles, bird and frog and bug! We honor requests as best as we can. Our basic Package is $250 and includes animals you would find in any well stocked pet store:

Reptiles include: Alligator, Lizard, Snake, Tortoise

Mammals: Ferret, Rabbit, Skunk, Hedgehog, Guinea Pig, Rat, Prairie Dog

Bird: Pigeon, Chicken

Frog: Tree Frog

Bug: Cockroaches, Beetles

The extreme package is $300 and it is simply a substitution. Think of it like this…Instead of a: 3 Foot Long Snake is Replaced by a 10 foot long snake. Chicken is replaced with an Owl or Vulture. One basic mammal is replaced with something really weird like a Kinkajou, Coatimundi, South American Crab Eating Raccoon, Armadillo, Possum or Fennec Fox.

The birthday child is the star of the show. They sit next to us the whole time. We are as interactive as we can be and everyone gets to pet everything. We love to be inside but outdoor shows work well so long as everyone is in the shade. If the audiences is comfortable, then the animals are too.

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