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This is truly the BEGINNING of the garden season. March comes in like a Lion and out like a Lamb, however this weekend is going to be fantastic to get out of the house and into the yard for some sunshine and fresh air!

Master Gardener Carrie Petty shares her own gardening routine and what we can do RIGHT NOW to be ready for spring:

Begin by taking stock of your landscape and gardens, I always start in the morning with cup of coffee in one hand and pruners in the other. What are we looking for? Any broken branches that need to be cut back. Bushes that have over grown into a walk way. etc…just begin by pruning and cleaning up the winter debris.

While mother nature has the timing down to perfection. For instance, Spring begins on March 20th, precicely at 5:37am. You can afford to force a few things too! So, while I’m out taking stock of my yard, I clip a few longer branches to bring indoor to force into bloom!

Most importantly while youre out this weekend. Just be “aware” stop and soak it in. Teach your children to be “aware” it is the basis for all science and technology is observation.

May 15th is our last hard frost day in Indiana, so next month we will talk about starting your seeds!

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