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Amber and her daughter Avery are back with another “We Try It” segment! This time they’re showing us some “must-have” toiletry items, including a special eye mask that will help you get some much-needed rest during this time.

Popband, the “World’s Kindest Hair Tie”

Founded in 2013, Popband London is the brainchild of Lou Booth. As a self confessed, fashion savvy shopaholic, she had a dream to banish unsightly, tight, cheap hairbands that drag down even the most glamorous up-do and look scruffy next to gorgeous bracelets and bangles.

As a result the Popband™ was born! Developed and tested to perfection, Lou created the ultimate hair band for girls and women of all ages. No more dented or ripped hair, no more shabby wrist rags. Instead, glamorous head and wrist candy that is destined to be every girls best friend with beautiful colors and styles that jazz-up luscious locks.

Popmask, $5 per mask

Booth has also just launched an amazing self-heating line of eye masks that are hitting the U.S. by storm — Popmask! The masks include: 

Dr. Plotka’s Anti-microbial Mouth Watchers toothbrush, $4.99

Spruce up your bathroom along with your dental health when you switch out your old toothbrush for Dr. Plotka’s! Dr. Plotka’s toothbrush is made with special bristles that are infused with EPA-approved silver, they naturally eliminate 99.9% of bacteria that grow on the bristles within six hours. This is also available on