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Rain on Main is back for the seventh year! This is a painted rain barrel art contest and silent auction that’s happening beginning Friday, August 13.

Claire Lane, urban conservationist for Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District joined us today to share all about the event. Here’s more from her.

Rain barrels are painted by local artists and judged by a panel with winning artists receiving cash prizes. There is also a People’s Choice competition.

The barrels are displayed along Main Street in Carmel for a week, and then we hold a silent auction at the Carmel Farmers Market on August 19.

This event increases awareness of water quality and conservation in Carmel and raises funds for water education signage in Carmel Clay Park.

These barrels are amazing works of art but also functional pieces that capture and store rainwater for later use.

You can learn more about the event at and see last year’s barrels here.