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In today’s Finding Faith with Randy Ollis segment, Stephanie Denson, founder and lead organizer of Spirit & Space, joined us to share the mission of Spirit & Space.

With her business, she aims to serve as a bridge to help others achieve their goals, find the resources they need and create a space that lifts their spirit. 

Here’s more from her:

I find joy in creating order. 

I’ve always had fun organizing my space and creating a home — setting up, rearranging, reorganizing, cleaning out, and creating organizational systems.  I’m a list-maker and a “can-do” organizer who is known for planning, being productive, and accomplishing goals.  I want to use my well-honed skills to help others, applying my organizing expertise to help people find solutions to the organization challenges in their homes. 

I feel called to be a bridge, nurturing connections between people. I applied those skills for 10 years in education and spent two decades working in human resources, facilitating connections between people and opportunities.

I am a proud member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, and have utilized their programs and other resources to strengthen my skills and expertise. 

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