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These cleaning hacks and gadgets cost little or nothing and save a whole lot of time!

Matt McCarthy, the self-proclaimed Kitchen Innovator, joined us today to share some of his favorite kitchen cleaning hacks.

1. Use a caddy to keep all your cleaning products with you in one room.

This was one of my mom’s favorite tips. When you’re not walking back and forth between rooms, you’ll get the job done a lot faster.

2. Use an after-market stove protector to avoid dealing with burned-on messes.

For generations, people covered their stovetops with foil to make cleaning easier. An after-market stove protector made with teflon can make these clean-ups a breeze. 

3. Clean your blender by filling it halfway with warm water and adding a drop of dish soap.

Turn it on and watch the buildup break free. Then just rinse and you’re done.

4. Install edge guards between your stovetop and counters.

If you’ve ever tried using a butter knife to dig out the crumbs that fall into the cracks between your stove and counters, you’ll appreciate these gadgets. There are several different brands on the market. They slip in easily and keep the space looking neat.”  

5. Keep your disposal smelling fresh

Few things are quite as off-putting as a smelly garbage disposal. To remedy that, use one of our favorite kitchen sink cleaning hacks: lemon ice cubes. To make them, simply fill an ice cube tray with lemon wedges, rock salt, and water. Once frozen, pop the cubes down the drain and run your garbage disposal until the ice is gone. Rock salt scrubs the blades while ice helps knock off any gunk and grime. The lemon helps keep your sink smelling fresh.

6. Wipe down your range hood with oil

Your range hood is a grease magnet, and as dust latches on over time, the surface gets harder to clean with ordinary sprays. One of the best kitchen stove cleaning hacks is to use vegetable oil. Just add a few drops to a cloth or paper towel, wipe the surface down, and grime is gone. 

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