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Tony Dungy joins “Big Game Bound” to make his SBLIII prediction, plus shares his key strategy if the Rams are to pull off the upset.

Dungy also discusses his relationship with Peyton Manning from their years together with the Indianapolis Colts.

Plus, Dungy is releasing a new book and details what readers can expect!

Tony Dungy, who coached Peyton Manning during his tenure with the Indianapolis Colts, says the quarterback brought one of his ideas with him to the Denver Broncos. 

Dungy says Manning wasn’t initially fond of shorter Saturday practices in favor of family time, but later in his career, he requested the same tradition from then-coach John Fox.

Watch the clip above as Dungy sits down with Anthony Calhoun on Big Game Bound!


One of the most incredible things covering the Super Bowl — particularly in Atlanta on such a tight campus — is all the amazing talent you can talk with in just a short walk.  Nexstar Nation’s Big Game Bound Digital Reporter Ashley Bridges broke down what difference the location can make with a few greats who have been there before.

Michael Irvin played the Super Bowl with those Cowboys in 1994; that’s Super Bowl XXVIII.  Let’s just say he had a really, REALLY good time.

“We walked in at half time and E said, ‘awww, s**t, do you think we had too good of a time in here?’ And I said, ‘yeah, we better get back out there and win this game, or the answer is definitely ‘YES.'”

Times have changed and The Dome is now The Benz, but Atlanta still has it going on:  just ask Reggie Bush.

“I think about the culture, the food, Lenox Mall,” he laughed.

Irvin did come out on top back in 1994, with a win for the Cowboys 30-13.  But, Irvin says what he learned actually inspired his entire system for how he picks the Big Game winner between two great teams.

“I start on Friday,” he explained.  “I make my calls and I ask ‘hey guys, what’s going on, what’s the week like?’ If they say, ‘we’re at the Super Bowl, it’s dope’ or ‘this city is poppin’,’ if they say that, I put an X for ‘this city poppin’.  But if I call them up and they say, ‘man, I’m focused on the game,’ I put a check by their name.  I add up all the Xs and the checks, and that’s how I choose my winner.”

The legends we talked with who had been there before say those factors rely upon discipline which they believe leans toward the Patriots as they’ve been there over, over, over, over, over, and now over again.

Is Tom Brady the greatest quarterback of all-time? What about the greatest football player? Or perhaps, neither?

That’s the question that was tackled (pun not intended) Tuesday on Big Game Bound: Live from Atlanta with Anthony “AC” Calhoun and J.B. Biunno.

Guests Solomon Wilcots, a broadcaster and former player in the NFL, and Rams Insider Kevaney Martin help breakdown the case for and against Brady as the greatest QB in league history.

Watch Big Game Bound: Live from Atlanta all week long at 1:00pm on this website.

On the live premiere of “Big Game Bound” from Atlanta, Anthony “AC” Calhoun and J.B. Biunno are joined by guests Brett Daniels, Chris Simms, and Ruthie Polinsky.

Daniels, the COO of the Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee, discusses why this Monday night could revolutionize the fan experience as 10,000 ticketholders file in to State Farm Arena.

Simms, the former NFL quarterback and current NBC Sports broadcaster, shares why Tom Brady might not be among his top three quarterbacks of all-time.

Polinsky, a sportscaster who follows the Patriots for WPRI, tells Calhoun and Biunno why she believes Brady is too stubborn to quit playing football.

Watch Big Game Bound: Live from Atlanta all week long on this website beginning at 1:00pm EST. 

WPRI/WNAC – Tom Brady and Bill Belichick dismantled the Chargers to earn their eighth straight trip to the AFC Championship Game. Now it’s on to Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. The Patriots are embracing their role as underdogs as they hit the road to play in one of the most hostile environments in the NFL. 

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are looking to advance to their third straight Super Bowl.

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WPRI/WNAC – The New England Patriots are in unfamiliar territory, facing a playoff game on wild card weekend for the first time in nine seasons. The Patriots come into week 16 of the regular season as the number 3-seed in the AFC playoff picture trailing the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans. But the AFC Champion Patriots can slide back into a bye with some help. If the Texans lose either of their remaining two games and the Patriots win at home against the Bills and Jets, they will secure a bye for a ninth straight season

The Patriots are coming off two tough losses- a last second “Miami Miracle” against the Dolphins and a 17-10 letdown against the Steelers. The Patriots lost back-to-back games in December for the first time since 2002. The good news for the Patriots is they have tremendous success against Buffalo. Tom Brady is 29-3 all-time against the Bills. 

With a win over the Atlanta Falcons at home, the Packers have kept their hopes alive for being Big Game Bound but now they will have to go on the road to division rivals the Chicago Bears.

Interim Head Coach Joe Philbin’s debut as head coach went about as good as could be expected despite losing two challenges on the opening drive and falling behind 7-0.

But that didn’t stop them. The Packer rattled off 34 unanswered points against the Falcons and held on for a 34 – 20 putting them at 5-7-1 overall, and still in the NFC playoff race.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw for less yards than he has all season, but he’s fine with the results,

“I wouldn’t say the concepts were basic, but I thought the flow was really good, Joe did a great job.

The communication was great on the sideline and the flow was good and kind of got into a rhythm.”

They’ll need that same kind of performance against the Bears who have performing off the charts with the best defensive football in the league. Not only did they shut down the high flying Rams last Sunday but they picked off Jared Goff four times. 

They are 3rd in total defense, 4th in sacks and number one in the NFL with 34 takeaways and an NFL best plus 13 turnover margin.

According to Philbin, it’s how they put you in bad spots that makes the biggest difference;

“If you look at the game the other night, I think they had the Rams in 2nd and 10 plus maybe 11 times, 10 times?

Now you’re susceptible to all these linemen going like this. And these guys are fast and they move well and they might want to blitz here and there.

It makes your job tougher. Takeaways certainly in the game the other night were a big factor, and I think they have been throughout the course of the year.” 

The season started for both these teams in week one at Lambeau Field and it was another memorable chapter in the longest running rivalry where Rodgers naturally led the greatest late game comeback in Packers history after being down 20 – 0.  

This time around, there are plenty of factors to consider. The Packers have won 8 straight in Chicago but Green Bay hasn’t won a single road game this season. Not to mention, Rodgers has owned the Bears in his career with a 17-4 overall record.

The Playoff Picture comes down to this: 


A loss in Chicago and the Packers are almost guaranteed to be done in Green Bay for 2018.  

WPRI/WNAC – If anyone knows how to turn the page after a loss like the one they suffered in Miami, it’s the New England Patriots. They’re putting all of their focus towards Pittsburgh as they head into the final three games of the regular season. The Patriots dominate the Steelers rivalry, winning the last five meetings between the two teams. Tom Brady is 11-2 against the Steelers in his career.

Thanks to the Houston Texans also losing in week fourteen, the Patriots still hang on to the number two seed in the AFC. If the Patriots are able to win out, they will likely clinch a first round bye. New England has never reached the Big Game with out a first round bye.