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National Father-Daughter Day is celebrated on October 9, and Melissa Jones with the Girls Positivity Club joined us Tuesday on “Life.Style.Live!” with three tips for making connections and life-long memories between fathers and daughters of any age.   

Here are 10 simple ideas to get you started: 

1. Cook Together– Follow a recipe or make up your own 

2. Picnic and Park– pack a picnic and play at the park 

3. Go to a Game– Colts game, college game, or something new 

4. Go Fishing, Paddle Boating/Boarding, or Kayaking — even if nothing’s biting, you’ll still be together talking and having fun 

5. Board Game Night – create a board game with her or play the classics 

6. Paint or Do a Craft together- Paint pumpkins or do a shared art piece on canvas (using tape, splatter, or your fingers) 

7. Have a Yes Night– Let her choose things to do and say yes to it all  

8. Dinner and a Movie– Decide together 

9. Build a Fort- Hang out in it and play games, read books, or tell stories. 

10. Bowling or Mini Golf and Ice Cream- a night out with simple fun 

You may find that you enjoy simple Father-Daughter Time and want to designate one day a month to spend quality time together.   

I’ll do a simple painting activity to demonstrate with a girl I bring in. We’ll just run through the other ideas quickly, and I’ll have visuals for all just laying out.  

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