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The NBA season may not have started back yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your sports fix elsewhere. Gotham Chopra, director of Apple-TV+’s Greatness Code joined us to talk about how this new show pulls back the curtain on a pivotal career moment of when some of the word’s top athletes touched greatness

The documentary series spotlights untold stories, with each episode examining a pivotal moment that defined an athlete’s career.

It features LeBron James, Tom Brady, Alex Morgan, Shaun White, Usain Bolt, Katie Ledecky and Kelly Slater.

It’s available beginning Friday, July 10 on Apple TV+.

They compete in completely different sports, but even NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson sees a parallel between himself and Tom Brady. 

Johnson was asked about the similarities between his career in NASCAR and Brady’s in the NFL at the Media Day live broadcast of ‘Countdown to Daytona’ with Dan Lucas and J.B. Biunno. 

“We kinda started around the same time,” said Johnson. “We have a similar path and been doing it around the same time.”

Johnson raced in his first Daytona 500 in 2002, exactly two weeks after Brady won his first Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in just his second year in the NFL.

Johnson and Brady would each go on storied championship runs in the years to come. Johnson has won seven Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championships, while Brady most recently won his sixth Super Bowl earlier this month.

Both athletes have developed a reputation for competing at a high-level into their forties, doing so way past their primes. 

“We’ve kind of been on a similar journey,” said Johnson. 

Watch the ‘Countdown to Daytona’ live stream all week long here on this website beginning at 1:00pm EST leading up to Race Day! 

In this action-packed episode of ‘Countdown to Daytona,’ NASCAR’s brightest stars including Jimmie Johnson, Martin Truex Jr, and Kevin Harvick join Dan Lucas and J.B. Biunno to preview the Great American Race.

Johnson is asked about the parallel to Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, with both athletes still competing at a high level in their respective sports. 

Truex Jr. discusses what the 2019 NASCAR season might have in store for him and his team.

Harvick looks back on a 2018 season that nearly brought him a championship, and what adjustments are needed to win it all this year.

Watch the ‘Countdown to Daytona’ live stream all week long here on this website beginning at 1:00pm EST leading up to Race Day! 


Tom Brady has not been sacked in the post-season.  Nexstar Nation Big Game Bound Digital Reporter Ashley Bridges talked with NFL Hall of Famer Aeneas Williams about what that could mean for Sunday’s big game.

“I think that’s a key factor,” Williams replied.  “His offensive line has done a phenomenal job.  They’ve got take on Brady with a four man rush instead of a Blitz and the Rams are able to do that. To get him on the ground that’s key.:

Bridges pointed out that Brady has only been blitzed two percent of the time.  Williams had a quick response.

“You don’t blitz him,” he said matter of factly.  “I remember them asking him ‘why do you want to play until you’re 45,’ and I remember a great answer:  ‘why would I quit when I know all the answers to the test?’  Any blitz you come up with he’s going to read it which then puts the opposing backs on one-on-one coverage.”

As far as his pick for Sunday goes, Williams says that’s easy:  He played for the Rams.

The face of CBS Sports’ coverage of the Big Game is weighing in on the debate of whether Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time.

To make his point, he switched sports and dropped the name of His Airness. 

James Brown, who is preparing to host coverage for his ninth Super Bowl, believes that if greatness is defined by rings, Brady “has no equal.” 

“Clearly Tom Brady is in there,” said Brown, who believes it’s more fair to rate the best players by individual eras rather than all-time.

However, Brown says he understands arguments against Brady, referencing the decades-old debate as to who’s the greatest basketball player of all-time. Michael “Air” Jordan is often given that title, but as Brown notes, if the decision was based soley on rings, Bill Russell would be on top.

“If [greatness] is defined by championships, Bill Russell is the greatest athlete of all-time then,” said Brown. “Because he won more championships than anyone else, and he did it as a player-coach as well.”

“But you don’t consider [Russell] to be the same kind of acrobatic player with the same kind of fluidity on the court as a Michael Jordan. So it all depends on how you define [greatness.]”

Watch Big Game Bound: Live from Atlanta all week long at 1:00pm EST on this website for more inside access from Anthony “AC” Calhoun and J.B. Biunno. 

There are a lot of words being tossed around to describe Tom Brady.

We asked people on the streets of Atlanta for only one word to describe the Patriots super star.  Watch to the end for a few funnies to see if you can guess the most popular, among Pats, Rams, and Falcons fans alike, with a surprise weigh-in at the end.

Broadcaster Solomon WIlcots hears all the chatter about Tom Brady’s greatness, but believes this season stands out because of Brady’s supporting cast, or lack thereof. 

Solomon, a former NFL player-turned-broadcaster, joined Big Game Bound: Live from Atlanta on Tuesday to discuss claims that Brady is the greatest quarterback of all-time. He emphasized his opinion that Brady has reached the Super Bowl this season without many superstars by his side.

“It’s not like he’s an older guy riding on the shoulders of others,” said Wilcots, who believes his point is getting lost in the buildup to SBLIII. “Others are riding on his shoulders. He’s the one that’s lifting the team and carrying them to victory.”

“The other guys are playing their role, no doubt, but he has a great coach and [Brady] brings an energy to this football team that allows them to play above their level.” 

Brady’s supporting cast includes receivers Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, Chris Hogan, along with runningbacks James White, Sony Michel and Rex Burkhead.  

 “At the end of the day, quarterbacks are judged on winning,” said Wilcots. “And winning championships is chief among them.”

Watch Big Game Bound: Live from Atlanta all week long at 1:00pm on this website.

Is Tom Brady the greatest quarterback of all-time? What about the greatest football player? Or perhaps, neither?

That’s the question that was tackled (pun not intended) Tuesday on Big Game Bound: Live from Atlanta with Anthony “AC” Calhoun and J.B. Biunno.

Guests Solomon Wilcots, a broadcaster and former player in the NFL, and Rams Insider Kevaney Martin help breakdown the case for and against Brady as the greatest QB in league history.

Watch Big Game Bound: Live from Atlanta all week long at 1:00pm on this website.

(WPRI) — As debates swirl on whether Tom Brady is the best quarterback in NFL history, his road to greatness wasn’t always clear.

In Tuesday’s edition of New England Nation: Double O.T., Yianni Kourakis and Ruthie Polinsky discuss Brady’s journey to his ninth Super Bowl, including his childhood in Calfornia, who’s the best athlete in his family, and one of his few flaws.

New England Nation: Double OT will bring you exclusive digital content each day from Atlanta leading up to The Big Game on Sunday, Feb. 3. 


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On the live premiere of “Big Game Bound” from Atlanta, Anthony “AC” Calhoun and J.B. Biunno are joined by guests Brett Daniels, Chris Simms, and Ruthie Polinsky.

Daniels, the COO of the Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee, discusses why this Monday night could revolutionize the fan experience as 10,000 ticketholders file in to State Farm Arena.

Simms, the former NFL quarterback and current NBC Sports broadcaster, shares why Tom Brady might not be among his top three quarterbacks of all-time.

Polinsky, a sportscaster who follows the Patriots for WPRI, tells Calhoun and Biunno why she believes Brady is too stubborn to quit playing football.

Watch Big Game Bound: Live from Atlanta all week long on this website beginning at 1:00pm EST.