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Vandals leave racist symbol, writing in Noblesville

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – Obscene language and a swastika were spray-painted over the weekend near the top of a building in downtown Noblesville.

The Noblesville Police Department said it was reported Monday and occurred over the Labor Day weekend. Officers said they contacted the owner of the building and it was removed hours after it was reported.

“They either had a really tall ladder or they know somebody that lives in the apartments above and they got access that way,” said Jill Janusiewicz, manager at Noblesville Antique Mall.

Many people didn’t want to share their thoughts with News 8 on camera about the incident but said it was shocking to see. Some people even drove by to view it up close. Local businesses said they’re glad it’s now removed as the graffiti, which was shared on social media before being reported to police, brought a lot of negative attention.

People in the downtown square believe someone spray-painted the building at night when businesses are closed. A lot of them questioned how they were able to get up there in the first place.

“I think it’s kids. I think it’s for attention,” Janusiewicz said. ” I think they’re like, ‘Hey let’s do this and see what kind of attention we can get.'”

However, many people told News 8 they’re confident Noblesville is not a racist town.

“It’s (Noblesville), kind of a small-knit community still. Everybody knows everybody. People typically are not afraid to walk on the streets at night or dine or shop or walk. It’s fairly a safe community,” added Janusiewicz.

Police on Monday did not have any potential suspect information.

Perry Township vandalism

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Obscene graffiti was scrawled on a south-side home last week, and the family who lives there says video shows the vandals were no older than 10 or 11.

Homeowner Joshua Hlawnmual said it happened in the middle of the day Aug. 9 while he was out shopping with his family.

His surveillance video shows several kids outside the home. The images were spray-painted on his garage door and mailbox, as well as on Meridian Gardens Lane.

“I saw it on my garage door and also here (the street), the mailbox, and I called police,” Hlawnmual said.

He says the most shocking thing about this incident is how young the vandals appear to be.

“They’re little kids: 10 years, 7, maybe 4, and I don’t know how could those little kids could do this kind of bad stuff,” Hlawnmual added.

However, this isn’t the first time his property has been vandalized or the first crime in the neighborhood. The Meridian Gardens homeowners’ association said neighbors have been looking out for each other.

“We’ve had cars broken into in the neighborhood, houses broken into in the neighborhood. It seems like they slowly … it stops for a little bit then it slowly creeps back in. It’s just one of those things like, what’s next?”said Travis Taylor, homeowners’ association board member.

“Even recently, we as an HOA stick together (more) than ever before because this similar bad stuff not just happens to my family but also my neighbors,” said Hlawnmual.

The HOA said they bought LED lights to place outside of homes for neighbors to keep on at night. They’ve also added lights on mailboxes, hoping those will decrease crime in the area if everyone stays vigilant.

“Little things like that and then proactively ask people to make sure that they’re locking their cars, doing everything possible to try to keep the neighborhood safe,” Taylor said.